Phewwww! So much has been said, written about and probed into the latest controversy over Udta Punjab and its content. CBFC ( Central Board for Film Certification in India) has introduced 89 cuts. The board quite evidently has a problem with anything related to Punjab, Politics and Polls ( the upcoming election in the state) If that is not enough some folks are not exactly happy with a range of expletives used in the movie and the scene depicting Shahid Kappor’s character–that of a rockstar– shown urinating while a concert is on. From the sensitive issue of drug abuse and how deeply it has inflicted the youth of Punjab to how the state machinery is lacking the necessary will to stop it, director Abhishek Chaubey’s movie is depicting it all–even if it tries to do so by taking enough cinematic liberties. (It’s a fictional tale after all, as movies are). ALSO READ: Udta Punjab: All you need to know about the latest controversy in Bollywood Also Read - Akshay Kumar's Laxmmi Bomb Title is Now 'Laxmii' After Wide Backlash For Hurting Hindu Sentiments

In our opinion, the board has been quite unfair and we have our solid reasons to prove the point. From scantily clad women heaving what they blessed with rigorously to shameful lyrics, where the hell was Censor board when these visuals were allowed to be screened–at the expense of our collective disgust! ALSO READ: Showbiz Weekly Roundup: Udta Punjab dominates headlines; Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma marriage talks abuzz; Te3N thrills audiences Also Read - This is How Tusshar Kapoor Deals With Demands to Boycott Laxmmi Bomb -Watch

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Everything about this number spells Vulgar! Khada Hai Khada Hai to Khol Khol–the lyrics will make you puke in a jiffy with its double entendre. Apparently this song had made Juhi cry and she protested against filming it but she was later convinced and she had to do shoot this song, anyway!   How this made the cut will drive you nuts! Do take a look!

Even if kids aspired to become a Khiladi a la Akshay Kumar, these visuals taught them many thing they should not have been watching at their age. Rekha and Akshay Kumar did everything that a man and woman can do (including the stuff that comprises naughty imaginations and wild fantasies) from going ‘dirty’  ( quite literally as the duo douses themselves in a mud pack) to taking a shower together. If that’s not enough it was a cringeworthy experience to hear an eight year old Akki fan humming this number quite gleefully….In the Night No Control…

Mamta Kulkarni goes absolutely out of control as she unleashes her seductive moves in this number! She even calls herself a slave ( bravo! women objectification was never so evident and celebrated with so much gusto before!). She even claims how parched she remained in all life, even in her past lives, and Censor had no problem with it whatsoever!

If the ‘incestuous’ relationship this song seems to suggest was not  enough this song should definitely have been banned for that unforgivable smile Amrish Puri flashes to arouse….ahem ahem curiosity!

Even before Game Of Thrones popularised the Winter Is Coming anthem, our very own Karishma Kapoor and Govinda showed the antics and the need to sarkailo khatiya in this show-n0-mercy season. Back in the day Kids gleefully danced to the tune of this out-and-out vulgar number!

Can’t believe this number is composed by THE A R Raheman. The lyrics talks about thrusting…throbbing and bed shaking…

This was not exactly many moons ago! Rani Muerji starring number described everything that comprises the act of copulation with well-crafted lyrics! Humping was never so excitingly varied thatnks to the lyrics and the diverse vocabulary in which the (double) meaning is conveyed!

And don’t even get us started on the movies made by the Bhatt camp or the ones featuring a certain Leone…..we should save that endevour for some other day. We sincerely hope our CBFC chief is listening!