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Payal Thapa, a former reality TV star just showed women everywhere how to deal with online harassment. She wrote on her Facebook profile: ‘That’s Prithviraj Sarkar . This is what he just messaged me. And just to let you know ,I receive several messages like this from different men. I always ignore, I thought I could try to just explain him that he makes me uncomfortable with those comments. May be he would understand. For all the people who think I am rude, and don’t reply to your messages . It’s people like him responsible for this.
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Now this is not a problem that is exclusive to celebrities. Many women I know have often talked about being harassed online. They get rude messages from complete strangers who objectify them. READ: The most epic response to revenge porn ever! (NSFW)

The funny thing is in real life, a person would never behave like that. What is it about the internet that makes men behave like complete idiots? Is it the anonymity of the internet which makes them thinks they can get away with anything? In fact, it’s quite heartening to see Payal hit back at people who seem to think they can get away from stuff simply because they’re online or no one’s watching. And that’s a message for all the ladies out there, do not take online sexual harassment lying down! (Image Source: Payal Thapa Facebook)