The Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) has now written to actor Amitabh Bachchan to seek help in the times of coronavirus lockdown. It was on March 15 that the cine bodies called for a temporary suspension of all shoots till March 31. However, the date has now been extended to April 14 and FWICE has written to Bachchan hoping that once he contributes to the fund maintained for the wage workers in the industry, everyone else will also join the league. Also Read - Hrithik Roshan Donates Rs 20 Lakh And Masks to BMC Workers as Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads in India

A report in Mid-Day reveals that BN Tiwari, President of FWICE, wrote a mail to the legendary actor on March 25 and even though he hasn’t received any reply yet, he is hopeful that the senior actor is going to help them soon. He said the filmmakers came together to help them a few days back and now, they want the actors to also join the hands in helping. Tiwari said only Bachchan can lead by example and make others follow his footsteps. He was quoted saying, “In a crisis like this, we had to knock on his door for financial help because he is the legend of Hindi cinema. We have yet to receive a reply from Bachchanji, but we are certain that he will help us.” Also Read - Coronavirus Impacts Film Industry: Background Dancers go Back to Their Hometowns as Lockdown Makes Mumbai-Life Difficult

Tiwari added that the funds they collected earlier would have sufficed everyone had the suspension not extended till April 14. They have still not been able to distribute the ration that they collected with the fund because of the nationwide lockdown. Tiwari said they bought ration worth Rs 25 lakh and they have kept it at the new Bombay godown. He said they will distribute the ration once the lockdown is over. The President said, “Once Bachchanji helps us, everybody will follow suit. We will approach many more celebrities for help. (Once they contribute), we will transfer the money to the workers.” Also Read - Coronavirus Impact on Film Industry: Losses Around Rs 800 cr Due to Theatre Shutdown, Delay in Releases And Suspended Shootings