Bollywood actress-model Sofia Hayat recently confirmed the news that she got converted herself from sexy babe and has become nun Gaia Mother Sofia and dedicated her entire life for spirituality. Sofia’s fan and the entire film fraternity was shocked when she revealed that she has given up on all worldly desires. Industry people supported Sofia’s transformation but it seems as if the fans are in deep shock. And one such person was Bigg Boss 7 contestant Vivek Mishra who is also known as the naked yoga guru, who did not appreciate the actress sudden transformation. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 7 contestant Vivek Mishra writes open letter to Sofia Hayat, calls her transformation a publicity stunt!) Also Read - Sofia Hayat Bashes Fan Who Highlights Rohit Sharma's Achievements, Says 'I Don’t Value a Person by What he Has' | SEE POSTS

Sofia was recently seen in “Comedy Nights Bachao” wherein the actress said that she will do charity work and is currently working for kids and orphans. Vivek felt that Sofia’s transformation from hot babe to a nun was just a publicity stunt. The model also wrote an open letter to media about Sofia’s sudden transformation. After which, nun Sofia decided to revert to Vivek Mishra’s letter. The former model wrote a long post on her official Facebook page. Also Read - Sofia Hayat Gets Trolled And Slut-Shamed For Sharing Nude Pictures on Social Media, Check Her Reaction

Here is my response To a gentleman called Vivek Mishra, who apparently wrote a letter to me but gave it to the press,(odd) not me, it was quite negative. I was asked for a response from the media, I gave them the statement below, they said they won’t print it because it is too sweet, they wanted something harsh, juicy, he even said, “you know how media works”,…see how some media are championing hate and negativity!
Well I do not care for a headline if I have to use negative words, so I publish my reply myself because I will not conform to a harsh response because some media want drama. We have a responsibility because people read this and think the world is negative and harsh when really it is so beautiful. Psychologically it subconsciously programes the minds of the readers into negative behaviour patterns and thoughts, which manifest in the physical realm seeing as our thoughts create. Even the journo who asked me for something negative, is actually a lovely guy and just doing his job!(what he is told to do) Some freedom! Also Read - Former Bigg Boss Star Sofia Hayat to Reveal Details About Her Affair With Cricketer Rohit Sharma in Tell-All Book

”It seems really childish..I don’t want to give him any attention.. he can see my cv if he wants..I don’t like to be egoistic and reel off my Bafta award nominated film with Abhay Deol, my work with Hollywood Actor in Bafta award-winning show, Absolute Power with Stephen Fry, and so much more..(but i just did here for Viveks sake seeing as he has misinformed the public) those things really are not important to me..and I don’t define myself by “work”, the amount of films I have made, shoots I have done or awards I have..”

”Those that do are lost to the realm of material identity, (vanity),which is so far from who we really are. .he hasn’t been in the news for a while I guess and is using me to do that seeing as Gaia Mother Sofia has been hot news for some time and has been trending, it’s only natural for him to want to jump on the band wagon. I am happy im in the news for doing good and championing soul connection rather than physical. But anyhow, I think it’s sweet he gives me so much attention..and I send him my blessings and so much love, those that generate negative words are generating negative energy from anyone speaking negatively about anyone else needs to be loved the most. With love, negativity dissappear. Love is the strongest force there is.”

”My film was in Cannes this year so I’m far from not working and suggesting that the spiritual path taken by me was for a lack of work, suggests that the path of spirituality is a “devolution”, from society norms, when infact it is an “evolution”. I did not choose the spiritual came to me and when I was enlightened the truth that I am the mother and daughter of the Holy Trinity, was something so huge..some people on the material realm won’t understand and that’s natural. I have no negative feelings towards vivek as he is only operating on his level of consciousness..and once the whole of humanity awakens..we will realise we all love each other and are all separate parts of the whole..”

Namaste. Gaia Mother Sofia”

One can now clearly say that Sofia’s sudden transformation has surely shocked many people but it seems as if she doesn’t care to what people think.