A senior background dancer accused choreographer Ganesh Acharya of sexual harassment and attempt to rape. In her complaint to the National Commission For Women, the woman alleged that the popular choreographer tried to rape her and she escaped by faking that she was on periods. In her statement to Mid-Day, the woman said she could speak out about the incident after a junior background dancer recently lodged an FIR against the choreographer accusing him of sexual harassment.Also Read - Tanushree Dutta Urges to Boycott Choreographer Ganesh Acharya Following a Harassment Complaint Against Him

The senior dancer explained the entire incident that she said happened three decades ago when Acharya called her to the class and exploited her sexually. She said she was 18-years-old and wanted to hone her skills by taking classes organised by various dance masters at Sahiba Hall in Andheri West. She revealed that the incident belongs to the year 1990 when Acharya called her on a Sunday for an 11 am class to train her in Jive. As per the report, the woman was picked by Acharya’s assistant who dropped her at the Hotel East and West. She went to the hotel room and realised that she was alone there and when she quizzed the choreographer about the same, he told her that his assistant had gone to bring other students and a sound system. She then said, “On the pretext of teaching me Jive, he kissed my neck and cheeks.”. Also Read - Trending Bollywood News Today, January 28: Ganesh Acharya Accused of Sexual Harassment by 33-Year-Old Choreographer

The woman added that when she resisted, Acharya threw her on the bed and started touching her inappropriately, promising her that he would marry her. She said upon realising that all her resistance was not helping, she told him that she was on her periods. The woman was quoted saying, “When I resisted, he threw me on the bed and said he wanted to make love to me and marry me. I kept saying no but he kept moving his hands over my body. I was too terrified and told him I am on my period. He finally got off from me and said, ‘Kya yaar, mood kharab kar diya (you spoiled my mood).” Also Read - Entertainment News Today January 18: Ganesh Acharya Dismisses Allegations Levelled Against Him by Saroj Khan, Says CDA Needs Re-election

Acharya has denied the allegations saying a few people are trying to malign his image in the industry because he has been actively speaking against them in support of the dancers. Earlier, a junior assistant dancer complaint to the NCW and alleged that the choreographer forced her to watch porn with him.