Mumbai Police booked choreographer Ganesh Acharya on the basis of an FIR filed by a junior choreographer on January 28, this year. The complainant accused the popular choreographer of sexual harassment, saying that he forced her to watch porn with him and also demanded a share in her earnings. She also said Acharya has been harassing her ever since he became the General Secretary of the Indian Film and Television Choreographers Association (IFTCA). Soon after this, another woman, who worked with Acharya in the ’90s, alleged that the choreographer attempted to rape her three-decades earlier on the pretext of teaching her a new dance skill.Also Read - Ganesh Acharya Accused of Sexual Harassment by Senior Background Dancer From The '90s

Both the complainants wrote to the National Commission For Women against the choreographer and narrated the respective incidents. In the complaint filed on Tuesday, February 4, the woman alleged that Acharya called her at a hotel room and kissed her neck while teaching her Jive and when she resisted, he threw her on the bed and touched her inappropriately. The woman, who said she was 18-years-old then, added that when all her cries went unheard, she faked that she was on periods that put him off and he stopped the act saying ‘sara mood kharab kar diya‘ (you spoiled my mood). Also Read - Tanushree Dutta Urges to Boycott Choreographer Ganesh Acharya Following a Harassment Complaint Against Him

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These are not the first allegations of a sexual offense against the choreographer. Earlier, actor Tanushree Dutta named Ganesh Acharya in her famous case against Nana Patekar. Tanushree had alleged that the choreographer changed the choreography and helped Nana in harassing her sexually by giving him certain dance steps. The actor added that Acharya was privy to the entire planning done on Nana’s part on the sets of Horn OK Pleasss and he helped him big time.

Acharya denied all the allegations including the recent ones saying people are trying to malign his image because he dared to spoke out against them for the benefit of various background dancers.