Being a celebrity comes with a lot of pros and cons and when a celebrity is married to a cricketer, it often is seen that the spouse is often targeted for the cricketer’s bad performance. For instance, Virat Kohli’s wife and actor Anushka Sharma has often being trolled and targeted for the same.  Now, Harbhajan Singh’s wife Geeta Basra opened up on being targeted and said, “People who’re die-hard fans of the sport, they need some kind of excuse, or scapegoat. For them, wives and girlfriends are easy targets. They target them and say it happened because of them, they’re a bad omen, but don’t say anything when someone does perform well.” Also Read - Saif Ali Khan Contemplating to Back-Off From His Autobiography, Says 'Not Prepared To Go Through Abuse'

She adds that it is easy for people to be nasty. She said, “It’s easy to be more negative than it’s to be positive. People find it easy to go into the negative zone and demolish someone, throw remarks at someone, blame and curse someone, than praise them. They say ‘Because of her, he performed bad’. Us wives are not going and playing for them, neither are we a part of the team or training them. It’s just easy to make wives the soft targets.”

“That’s never bothered me. I don’t care about all that, it’s part of the negativity. It does hurt, for we go for enjoyment of the game and support our spouses, but these things are uncalled for”, she added.