For a movie as hackneyed, clichéd and trite as Ghayal Once Again, we were expecting our superhero Sunny Deol (minus the mask! And yes, he’s got the wings and he judiciously employs the ultimate leap of faith) to mouth the legendary line. Alas! Deol never bothers to boast about his dhai kilo ka haath in this over two hour long yawn-inducing fest. He might have uprooted a hand-pump as indeed he has beaten goons to pulp in his previous endeavors, only after giving us a brief introduction on the might of his muscles that is; in this one Sunny lets his action (alone) do the talking. By that we mean he can bring a helicopter to a screeching halt and come out of a somersaulting car without a single scratch on him. ALSO READ: Ghayal Once Again music review: Sunny Deol starrer has few yet gripping tunes Also Read - Sunny Deol, Dharmendra, Bobby Deol and Karan Deol Join Hands For Apne 2

Deol probably does whatever it takes to defy gravity and logic (in his capacity as a director, producer and an actor) to make his latest look as entertaining as the original production that had helped him bagged tremendous accolades and awards. But the 56-year-old refrains (quite resolutely at that) from preaching about his fierce fist. We wished he could have shown the same restraint in terms of telling this predictable story and had employed some wisdom into his ‘action’. ALSO READ: Sunny Deol’s Ghayal Once Again gets UA rating from censors; Pahlaj Nihalani loves the film!
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The movie features a bunch of yuppie college goers who are forever busy skyping with their friends and family, when not obsessing over taking ‘selfies’ (Ok the bunch is tech-savy, point noted!) In their collective excitement the folks stumble upon something that puts an influential business tycoon from the city into a spot. Knowing that these kids (and the ‘footage’ they have gathered) can pose a serious threat to his existence, the business honcho and his ‘suited’ men want to eliminate the trouble. There’s only one savior our selfie-obsessed kids could turn to. Enters Ajay Mehra aka Sunny with his ‘interesting’ mop of hair, bulging eyes (throughout) and deafening decibels (till the end credits roll) to deliver justice. In fact, so diligent is the man when it comes to straightening things out that he pops pills to keep his sanity and the sense of morality intact! Bravo! Also Read - Dharmendra, Sunny Deol And Bobby Deol Come Back With Apne 2, Here Are The Deets

Throughout the movie the characters have been slotted into rigid boxes. Their roles are very specific. Sunny does all the action while the kids get to run! Oh yes, there’s a rape scene involved too (a clear indication at how firmly the movie is stuck into the 90’s) There’s a major twist in the second half. But by the time it arrives audiences have already been numbed into nothingness thanks to the predictability of the plot, dull writing and poor performances.

Our verdict: Ghayal Once Again, in a nutshell, is Sunny Deol (and his antics) unleashed…absolutely unleashed! Does Deol deliver a solid punch in the end to make us clap and whistle? The answer to that one is a thunderous NO!

Rating: 2 stars