The trailer of Great Grand Masti has just released, and looking at it, we couldn’t help but think of some of some of our friends from real life! The movie franchise shows three friends from college who are now married but are still seeking fun outside marriage. While the morality involved here is questionable, to each his own, as far as relationships go. We all have seen these kinds of friends in society, as also the loyal ones, the emotional ones or the mischievous ones. Also Read - Urvashi Rautela Makes Jaws Drop in Her Blue Look Worth Rs 52 Lakh as She Shoots For Versace

Here are six types of best friends we come across in real life: Also Read - Vivek Oberoi's Brother-in-Law Aditya Alva Arrested in Sandalwood Drug Case

Loyal Best Friend Also Read - Urvashi Rautela Looks Exquisite In A Red Sequinned Gown By Michael Cinco Worth Whopping 32 Lakh

This friend will stand by your side, no matter what. This pal will never leave the group alone and never let secrets out, no matter what. A true yaaron ka yaar! Well, Riteish Deshmukh as Amar, Aftab Shivdasani as Prem and Vivek Oberoi as Meet are loyal to each other at least, if not to their partners!

Phattu or Sissy Best Friend

This guy is scared to take the first step in anything in life. He will always wait for the other to speak up first or make the first move. This would be like Amar (Ritiesh Deshmukh) from Great Grand Masti.

Pheku or Harmless Liar Best Friend

This buddy in the group will always be faffing about something, cooking up stories and lying about anything. But it is all for fun. There is nothing harmful about his lies. Meet (Vivek Oberoi) from Great Grand Masti seems something like that!

The Worst Idea Best Friend

He is the worst brainstormer of a best friend! He always has ideas up his sleeve but they are all bad! Well, most of the time. Prem (Aftab Shivdasani) is the one with the worst ideas in the Great Grand Masti trio!

Adventure Junkie Best Friend

While the rest of us save money to buy the latest mobile phone, laptop or clothes, this type of friend saves all the pocket money or salary on his / her adventure trips around the world. Be it the local adventure camps, or Ladakh, or even Cambodia, this friend has been there. But our Great Grand Masti friends are up to adventures of a different kind! (ALSO SEE: Great Grand Masti posters)

Emotional Best Friend

This friend will cry at the drop of a hat. A cry baby, totally! He /she is someone sentimental and is in tears at the end of each movie, or even while saying goodbye to friends or family while going back to the hostel or city. Our Great Grand Masti gang is crying about something else but – a hot girl (Urvashi Rautela) they like who turns out to be a ghost! But is she really? We can’t wait to watch the movie for that!

So, which type of friend are you in your gang?