He is one of the hottest looking young actors in Bollywood right now. And he was lucky enough to get a dream debut in the industry. While there has been no looking back for him since then, the actor has been written more about his relationship with a gorgeous and talented star kid, than for his acting prowess. Speculations about their breakup were also widely reported. But once the breakup was confirmed, we immediately saw lesser of him in the press.Also Read - Unlearning The Learning!

However, his next film promises to be one that can help cement his position in the film industry. About his relationship, looks like he has moved on, but scarred. Word has it that the girl on the other hand has gone ahead dating another star kid in a typical good friends-turned-lovers scenario. This has left a deep impact on this hot actor who now feels that he doesn’t have what it takes to date a star kid. ALSO READ: Guess Who? Superstar Opts Out Of Ambitious Project After Young Girlfriend Fails Look Test And Gets Rejected Also Read - 5 Zodiac Signs Who Are Loyal And 'Made For Each Other'

His innermost feelings rather insecurities, came to fore at a recently held big Bollywood event in Mumbai. The actor was seen hanging out with another pretty star kid who already has media and fans talking about her. The actor’s director-mentor who was also present right there, noticed the chemistry between the two and left no opportunity to tease him with the young lady. Instead of blushing, the actor took on a disappointed expressions and replied, “What’s the point, I am not a star kid. Star kids only date star kids.” Ouch, looks like some real heart break there that’s still hurting. We wish the hot guy some new tidings in New Year 2018. Also Read - Exclusive Interview With Karan Kundra: Reveals His Diet Regime ! Watch Video