A Twitter user tried to troll Bollywood actor Gul Panag after she praises Narendra Modi for the 21-day lockdown and tweeted that there was no other way to deal with the coronavirus and the step of a lockdown was necessary. After her tweet, the user told her that all this must be an adventure for her as she is from the privileged class and wont be facing any difficulty. However, Gul Panag has shut him up like a boss by saying that her husband is a pilot and he is out there in the open doing his duties. Also Read - PM Narendra Modi Flattered as Gul Panag's Son Nihal Identifies Him in Magazines, Retweets Blessings

It all started when Gul Panag tweeted, “No other way! Had to be done” to PM Modi’s lockdown order, reacting to which, one person wrote, “Adventure for privileged like you.” Also Read - Gul Panag's Hot Pictures in Swimsuit as She Goes Snorkelling With Son at Maldives Are Mommy-Goals!

Gul Panag, who is married to a pilot, responded to the troll by writing, ““Really? You’re on Twitter. My husband’s flying a plane bringing people back home as I type. Everyday for last few days, in fact. Exposed to crowded places with no WFH option. Because ‘essential’ service. Till tonight.”

Last year, in an interview with IAN, Gul Panag called 2019 a great year. “I think this is a great year for me with diverse characters. Of course, with the opportunity of playing a part in Rangbaaz Phirse I have got a wider reach. But honestly speaking, I want opportunities coming my way from people who watch me on screen and believe in my talent. I really cannot go out loud and do PR exercises. If my work does not speak volumes, then that is not meant to be,” she said.

Gul Panag has a little baby boy as well.