Bigg Boss season 11 (which concluded recently) contestants Benafsha Soonawalla and Priyank Sharma made headlines when they were inside the house for their closeness with each other and are making headlines even now. This time the two are in the news as good friend Priyank Sharma has blocked Benafsha on social media. Looks like, not all is well between good friends Priyank and Benafsha. Also Read - After Vikas Gupta Revelation, Netizens Question Priyank Sharma About His Sexuality

Time and again, Priyank and Benafsha have been seen fighting and getting back together almost immediately. It seems that the duo recently got into a fight which led Priyank to block Ben on social media. However, later, Priyank took to his micro-blogging site to shower some love on her. Awe! Previously, the duo got into a similar kind of fight but soon sorted out their differences, not letting it affect their friendship. Now, don’t they give us friendship goals? ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Kishwer Merchant’s Reaction To Benafsha Soonawalla Calling Priyank Sharma Her Brother Is Epic Also Read - Vikas Gupta Gets Trolled For 'Exposing' Priyank Sharma by Talking About His Sexuality- Latest Bigg Boss 14 Scoop!

Benafsha, who had been blocked, isn’t mad at her friend and had something sweet to say despite all of this. After Priyank tweeted, “You made me happy before I was going to sleep after a stressful day 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 #thankyou ❤️,” the actress took to her micro-blogging site to write, “Ya that’s why you shouldn’t fight with me see it gives you stress. Now since you’ve blocked me from everywhere cause you love me so much call me I’ve no other place to contact you hahahaha @ipriyanksharmaa.” Replying to Ben’s tweet, Priyank then wrote, “I will not be appreciating the fact that since none of you know what kind of a girl she is and how close is she to me . Let’s say no to wrong judgements and spread peace . #iloveyoumybenu❤️ (sic).” Watch this space for further updates.