Zack Snyder’s Justice League finally has a release date. The film will release on Warner Media’s streaming platform, HBO Max, on March 18. The official handle of HBO and Snyder made the official announcement. The tweet was accompanied by three posters, one shows Justice League’s logo, the second one shows a tattered Justice League flag and the last is a film canister with Snyder written on it.Also Read - Britney Spears Pregnant With Her Third Child, Proudly Shows Off Her Baby Bump - Watch Video

The scenes in the poster tease fans with the realisation of the Knightmare dream sequence from the Batman vs Superman film. In the film, Bruce Wayne dreamt of the world that was turned into a wasteland after being terraformed by Darkseid and Superman became evil. Also Read - Oscars Awards 2022: Will Smith Bags Best Actor Award, CODA Becomes Best Film - See Full List Of Winners

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The EarnerBros has reportedly spent 30 million dollars to finish the Snyder Cut of Justice League. As per the reports, the film will be four-hour long. The plot of the film largely will be the same. Besides Steppenwolf, Darkseid, his master, will also be seen in the flick. Many scenes that were cut from the theatrical release will also be present.

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