After Hrithik Roshan’s bare-all interview with Arnab Goswami on Nation Wants To Know, a lot has been revealed, and the matter has taken an entirely unexpected turn. Hrithik spoke candidly about his situation for the past few years over the confusion that surrounded him, and the matter of Kangana. Hrithik revealed that he is not strong but is vulnerable. He claimed that there were times when he was completely helpless. People even came and told him that this was good for him. Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Reveals She Was a Chain Smoker at Age of 19, Says 'I Got Addicted While Woh Lamhe Shoot'

When Arnab asked him why he didn’t go ahead and report it to the police, Hrithik said that he didn’t try to rake up the issue earlier this year, because she had her movies like Rangoon releasing. As an actor, he knows how delicate a period the pre-release of a film could be, and he didn’t want to put her in such a negative light during that phase. He also claimed that when he saw Kangana’s last interview he laughed, but later realised that she was convincing on television and that the issue will only get bigger. Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Donates Rs 25 Lakhs to PM's Care Fund

Arnab also asked Hrithik if he thinks Kangana did all of this in order to gain publicity, but Hrithik said it is not his place to pass judgments on that matter. Hrithik also said that people using his name for publicity is not something that he minds. Arnab went on to ask him what next for Hrithik if people don’t believe his version of the story, but Hrithik claimed he does not want people to believe any versions but only the truth.When he was asked what he would do if Kangana didn’t want to end this matter, to which he just shook his head. When asked what he wanted to say to Kangana, who might be watching this show, he said he would share his thoughts. But not in the newsroom, instead, he would do so someplace else. Also Read - Rakesh Roshan Reacts to Sussanne Moving in With Hrithik