After a long wait, the south superstar Rajinikanth finally made his debut into the small screen with British adventurer Bear Gryll’s show ‘Into The Wild’. The episode was aired last night and it was shot in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. From trekking to wadding and climbing, Thalavia fans witnessed Rajinikanth’s never-seen-before avatar. The special episode was themed around the idea of water conversation and he bevied on various issues and even reminisced his childhood. Also Read - Rajinikanth Thanks His Friend Bear Grylls For The Experience in 'Into The Wild'

From dangerous activities to entering the pond water to acing the climbing session using harness ropes, the episode was a blend of entertainment and thrill. Also Read - Rajinikanth Applauds PM Modi's 'Janata Curfew', But Twitter Takes Down Post: Here's Why

Here we bring you top highlights of the episode:

1 Wild Experience Amidst Nature

Rajinikanth had a wild experience in the amidst of nature and called it ‘ one of the craziest and exciting days of his life’. The actor performed all stunts and activities to survive in the wild and it will leave you impressed. Also Read - Rajinikanth Likely to Announce New Party on Tamil New Year | 5 Points

2 Special Message to India

During the conversation, Rajinikanth expressed that he hopes to see India as poverty-free country in future. He hopes to see no unemployment in the country and said that he is proud to be an Indian. He further stated that citizens embrace all religions with open arms.

3 Encounter with crocodiles

The actor waded through a water body that could potentially have crocodiles.

4 Rajinikanth asks question to Gryll over PM Modi

During their session, Rajinikanth asked Grylls, “What did you like about our PM Modi?” He said, “Modiji has a good sense of humour”.

5 Rajinikanth on Water Scarcity

Talking abut water conversation, Thalavia said, “It is heart-wrenching to see 2.1 billion people suffer due to water scarcity across the globe.’ He also stated that there is need to tackle the issue, harvesting rainwater is important.

In January, Rajinikanth suffered minor injuries while shooting for the special episode of ‘Man vs Wild’ Bandipur forest in Karnataka. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rajinikanth becomes the second Indian personality to be featured on Grylls’ survival show.