It seems the Government of India has taken the remarks made by actor-filmmaker Aamir Khan on the rising intolerance in the country very seriously (and why not). Reports say thatAamir Khan, who has been the brand ambassador of the Incredible India campaign by the government for many years now, has been removed from the ‘post’. The Ministry of Tourism it seems has taken Aamir Khan’s casual remarks of feeling like leaving the country to heart and has allegedly removed the actor as brand ambassador of the Incredible India campaign. (READ UPDATE: Aamir Khan retained as brand ambassador of Incredible India, according to his publicist & Ministry of Tourism)Also Read - Aamir Khan Issues Apologies to KGF 2 Producers And Yash, Says 'Will Promote KGF Chapter 2

Aamir had made the comment in November 2015 at an event organised by The Indian Express, where upon being asked about intolerance, he had said that his wife Kiran Rao was wondering if they should ‘leave the country’ with their child Azad Rao Khan. There was a furore in the country after these seemingly casual remarks by Aamir Khan, with Twitterati slamming him and various organisations and the ruling Bharatiya  Janata Party (BJP) members making adverse remarks in turn. Also Read - Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor's Laal Singh Chaddha Release Date: Movie To His Theatres On Baisakhi 2022 had also taken a stand and wondered why Aamir Khan was so scared of the situation when it was not that alarming as it was made out to be. Why then was he quiet when terrorists struck in Jammu and Kashmir, or in Mumbai during the 26/11 terrorists attacks. (ALSO READ: Aamir Khan leaves India, spotted at international airport in Mumbai! View picture) Also Read - Laal Singh Chaddha Release Date Postponed: Aamir Khan Starrer To Hit Theaters On Eid?

Aamir Khan stuck to his stand about the intolerance debate. The results are for all to see, if the Incredible India news is true. (ALSO READ: Open Letter to Aamir Khan on his casual remark on intolerance in India) After all, how can an actor who says he wants to leave India with his family for its hostile atmosphere, promote tourism for it?