Helmed by PS Mithran, Vishal’s latest outing Irumbu Thirai is an action-thriller; it hit the screens on May 11. The film, which also stars Samantha Akkineni in the lead role, talks about cyber-crime that threatens our lives today. The story concerns hacking and the leak of information; it talks about how a privacy of a person doesn’t hold power (in the days of interconnections), as anyone’s account can be hacked and their personal information can be stolen. In the film, Vishal plays the role of an army officer with anger issues, while Samantha Akkineni is a psychiatrist, who is trying to help him. Irumbu Thirai took a good opening and has been declared a hit, let’s see what the critics have to say about the film. Also Read - The Family Man 2 Teaser Out: Srikant's Life Goes For a Toss After He Is Asked To Take Tough Decision

Hindustan Times: PS Mithran has succeeded in presenting an intelligent cybercrime film. How does a hacker gain access to a smartphone or a bank account is explained simply. We do not just see a click of the mouse or a man randomly typing on a keyboard. This adds authenticity to the film. Irumbu Thirai is not an extraordinary film, but it is movie made well. The writing is tight and the film addresses real-life questions such as why there are privacy concerns about the Aadhaar card. For all its merits, if access to Aadhaar cards of thousands of people could be hacked, what would be the consequences? This film tries to answer this question. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is a perfect fit for this film with great camera work by George C Willams. Also Read - The Family Man 2: Manoj Bajpayee Shares Intriguing Motion Poster Featuring Samantha Akkineni, Series To Release on February 12

Sify: Technically, Irumbu Thirai is super strong with slick visuals of George C Williams, editor Ruben chopped off all the unnecessary songs which is a very good move and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s BGM is the third hero of the film after Vishal and Arjun. Overall, Irumbu Thirai is a solid commercial cybercrime thriller. Go for it! Also Read - The Family Man 2: Manoj Bajpayee Starrer Goes International, Series To Be Dubbed in Foreign Languages

Behindwoods: Irumbu Thirai is not just any other film that talks about hackers, this one is quite different, mainly because it creates fear inside you when you walk out of the theatre. It is so hard-hitting and informative. There are so many technical terms involved in the narrative, so it is important that you stay completely focused right through. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a section of the audience not able to follow the script due to the complexity involved in it. To wrap it up, Irumbu Thirai should turn out to be a rewarding experience for the audience who like action movies.

Indiaglitz: PS Mithran has made a strong debut with a subject that will connect to many though the screenplay is not all that racy. The background music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is perfectly in sync with the digital theme though the songs have a familiar ring to them. Cinematography, editing and the art direction are top notch. Go for this new age thriller that will serve as a reality check for yourselves in this digital age.

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Firstpost: The drawback of the film is its length, which is nearly 2 hours and 45 minutes. There is a considerable lag in the first half. Arjun’s character also leaves you with some unanswered questions. On the whole, Irumbu Thirai is a well made film that addresses the burning question of today’s day and age: Is our privacy compromised?

Times of India: What makes the film compelling is how it treats its antagonist. White Devil isn’t even shown until the intermission point. We don’t even see his face! But we sense his presence in most of his scenes and that creates a sense of dread. The film smartly doesn’t give us a flashback justifying his motivation; he does his criminal activity just because he can, and he is unapologetic about it, which is refreshing.