When it comes to controversies, no one can beat Sunny Leone in Bollywood industry. Another known personality who has a kitty-full of controversies is non other than Rakhi Sawant. So what is it this time? It seems Rakhi is lookign for a change of profession and the reason behind this will blow your mind. So is Aamir Khan the reason behind Rakhi Sawant’s decision? Is Aamir Khan inspiring Rakhi Sawant to become a porn star? Also Read - Sunny Leone Sets Mercury Bar Rising in Hot Orange Bikini as She Flaunts Her Perfect Curves

With a string of controversies Sunny has not only garnered positive support from people in the industry but has also received some flack for her past. Considering the work that Sunny is currently doing, everyone was supportive how Sunny Leone tackled a rather sexist interviewer sportingly. While majority of B-Town came out in support of Sunny, there were some who seem now pissed at Sunny for all the attention that she has attracted towards herself, and one of them is Rakhi Sawant. (ALSO READ:Rakhi Sawant wants Sunny Leone to be BANNED?) Also Read - Sunny Leone Looks Smouldering Hot in Sexy Lace Monokini as She Strikes Seductive Pose on Beach

When a journalist recently mentioned about the news that Aamir Khan was interested in working with Sunny Leone, Rakhi Sawant promptly replied something that should not shock someone who has followed what Rakhi Sawant blurts every time to the media. Also Read - Sunny Leone Sets Temperature Soaring as She Goes Bold in Sexy Monokini, Looks Uber Hot

Rakhi Sawant took a dig at Sunny Leone and said that soon she will not just consider but become a pornstar. Watch the video below to know how Rakhi Sawant reacted when asked about Sunny Leone.(ALSO READ: Rakhi Sawant threatens Sunny Leone: Get lost from my India and Bollywood!)