Actor Kangana Ranaut‘s sister Rangoli Chandel recently got her Twitter account suspended after many reported her account for allegedly spreading hatred against the Muslim community. Later, she said she was not going to revive her Twitter account. However, a Twitter account with her profile picture and having over 7k followers emerged lately. While it’s not confirmed if the account that goes by the handle Kill Bill Bride belongs to Rangoli, an open letter shared from the handle for Farah Khan Ali is creating buzz around. Also Read - Police Complaint Against Kangana Ranaut For Labelling a Sect as 'Terrorist' And Supporting Rangoli Chandel Over Twitter Suspension

The letter that is addressed to Farah, who was one of the people reporting Rangoli’s account to Twitter, defends the use of the word ‘Nazi’ in Rangoli’s tweets on her behalf. The letter mentions that by calling for the killings of those who attacked doctors and policemen, Rangoli didn’t imply the ‘genocide of Muslims’. Also Read - Kangana Ranaut's Team Asks Farah Khan Ali to Share Screenshots of Rangoli Chandel's Tweet That 'Implied' Muslim Genocide

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A part of the letter reads, “The reason I used the word ‘Nazi’ cos that is what is used towards us day in out by anti-nationals and by so-called wannabe liberals. My intention clearly was to say it would be better to be known as “Nazi” then die by Corona Virus which is being spread by “Tablighis” intentionally so stop twisting words like you people always do.” (sic)

Another part of the letter addresses Farah’s suggestion to Rangoli on working towards inspiring people considering she is an acid attack survivor. The letter mentions, “Yes I am an acid attack victim and with the unconditional love of my family friends I have overcome the past tragedy and living fearlessly and happily and that itself should be very inspiring to not only acid victims but to each and everyone out there who have lost hope and lost their way in common language ‘Bhatke Hue’.” (sic)

Earlier, Farah wrote an open letter to Kangana asking her to not defend Rangoli’s tweets and understand what she tried to imply in her posts.

Now, if this new account belongs to Rangoli or not is still a mystery, her official Twitter account still stands suspended though! What do you think?