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Is Shark Tank India Scripted? Pitcher From The Show Shares Juicy Behind The Scenes Details

In a Reddit AMA, a pitcher who appeared on Shark Tank India answered most asked questions about the show.

Published: February 3, 2022 8:06 PM IST

By Entertainment Desk | Edited by Deepansh Duggal

Is Shark Tank India Scripted? Pitcher From The Show Shares Juicy Behind The Scenes Details
(Courtesy: Twitter)

It would be safe to say that no other Indian reality show has garnered popularity quite like Shark Tank India has. The sharks on the show have become household names and some of their popular catchphrases have made their way to social media feeds in the form of memes. However, viewers have some pressing (and pertinent) questions that they wish to ask the creators of the show. The most common one being about the show being scripted and whether Ashneer Grover is always in a bad mood.

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All of these questions remained unanswered until one of the pitchers on the show did a Reddit AMA  (Ask Me Anything). Angad and his wife Kanika  who are founders of CosIQ Skincare appeared in the 4th episode of the show. The startup managed to secure ₹50 lakh for 25% stake from Vineeta Singh and Anupam Mittal.

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Ankita and Angad from CosIQ (Courtesy: SonyLiv)

Netizens wasted no time in asking Angad as many questions they could about the show and we have the answers right here.

Question 1: Is the show scripted?

Ittu sa bhi nahi. Once you enter the tank, it’s all real, no retakes, no direction nothing. Ranvijay wali clippings mein they might ask you to say again or stand like this etc. but that’s outside the tank. Everything once those doors open and until you step out is 100% real,” answered Angad.

Question 2: Is Ashneer always in a bad mood? Do you find him repulsive?

Ashneer Grover (Courtesy: Twitter)

“No! I love him! He’s direct, has a positive intention and does not sugar coat his works or wiggle out of situations that demand strong words. Unhone humare naam ko bhi sasta Chinese brand bola tha so I can say he’s bad and bakwaas and all that but no, he’s not. He is a gem and speaks his mind. Jo hai woh bolte hain.

Question 3: Are the cheques which are handed out on the show real? Is due diligence done on the show?

“Those cheques are dummies. Next comes Due Diligence, term sheets and then we get the funds!”

Question 4: How long does the actual pitch and negotiation go on for and is there a lot of discussion that’s edited out?

“It in real life, its atleast 30mins and up to 2 hours. The average is around 1 hour. On air they cut it down to 5-10 minutes max.”

Question 5: How often have you interacted with Sharks since you got funded?

“Directly with them? Twice on video call. So they have teams and Executive Assistants and all that jazz! Bade log hai yaar. We interact with the team(s) for now and that’s good enough, solves our purpose. We can always request to talk to them directly, did that only once and were promptly given a web appointment. Easy access hai but bekaar time waste access nahi hai which I think is right.”

The finale of Shark Tank India airs on 4 February. Watch this space for more updates on the show.

You can check out the complete AMA here.

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