In Ishqbaaz 21 December  2017 episode we see that while going for the land deal,  Shivaya gets a challenge from the local goons of the land. They ask him to play cricket and beat them at it. Shivaay chooses to bat first and knocks down one of the man with the ball. Anika keeps on trying to call Shivaay on the phone but she doesn’t get through. In his second ball Shivaay aims at one more of the goons and he falls down on the floor. He asks these goons to empty the land within a few hours otherwise he will teach them a good lesson.Also Read - Ishqbaaz Actor Additi Gupta Tests Positive For COVID-19, Quarantines at Home

In the Oberoi house, Tej talks to his colleagues about one of his office deals and Pinky starts to irritate him once again. She tells Tej that the plates which he is using to eat his food were brought by Shivaay and Shivaay is not there with them in the Oberoi house anymore. Tej gets furious and he starts smashing the plates on the floor. He says that he doesn’t need anything which Shivaay has bought in this house. Pinky tells Tej that the business which he is claiming is also built with Shivaay’s hard work. Tej tells Pinky that this business was given to Svetlana in charity and what he is doing is just right. Pinky and Tej keep on blabbering abuses for each other and Dadi asks them to stop. Omkar and Rudra tell dadi that tgt are not at all surprised with Tej’s behavior. He says that he expected this from them. Omkar asks Tej if he has decided to throw everything which belongs to Shivaay out of the house. Tej agrees and says that he wants to throw each and every belonging of Shivaay out of this house. Omkar them asks him to throw him out as well because he too belongs to Shivaay. With tears in his eyes Rudra says that for every child his superhero is his father but for him and Omkar Shivaay was their superhero. He tells Tej that neither him nor his mother was there with him in his childhood, only Shivaay was and he was the father he never had. Omkar asks Tej to tear the art book which Shivaay brought for him when he realised the artist inside him. Rudra asks Tej to break everything of the Oberoi house in his attempt to remove Shivaay’s belongings. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 18 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode:Will Shivaay Find A Way Back Into The Oberoi House?) Also Read - Television Hottie Nia Sharma Locks Lips With Ishqbaaz Fame Reyhna Pandit at a Holi Party, Video Goes Viral

Meanwhile in Goa Anika goes to the land which Shivaay has bought in an attempt to find him but instead of Shivaay she finds the goons and theu beat her up. When he gets to know about it, he comes back to teach the goons a lesson. Shivaay brings an ambulance and a few stretchers with himself and tells the goons that he has booked private wards in their names he says that he will beat them up and we’ll make sure that they get proper treatment in front of funny cause ice Shivaya breaks their arms and legs and uses his ambulance and the stretches to take them to the hospital. Also Read - Ishqbaaz January 03 Written Update: Family Looks For Shivaansh, Aditi Sells Her Gold Earrings to Pay Doctor's Fees