In Ishqbaaz 22 December  2017 episode we see that the goons hit Shivaay on the head with a bat and start to take off the board of ShivOmRu Constructions from the land. But before he could throw it on the floor Shivaay gets up and picks up the board. He fixes the board once again on the land and hits the goon hard on his head. He tells him that no one has the right to break the unity of the Oberoi brothers and this board saying ShivOmRu Constructions is a sign of their unity. Meanwhile in the Oberoi house Tej puts everything which belongs to Shivaay on fire. Omkara and Rudra start sobbing and they hold the ashes of the things which made memories for them throughout their lives. Shivaay and Anika talk to Omkara and Rudra on a video call and Shivaay asks OmRu how they are doing without him. OmRu tell Shivaay that everything has broken into pieces after he left. Shivvay asks them to be responsible and remember whatever he has taught them. He asks them to be strong and learn how to manage without him. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 21 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Will ShivOmRu Survive?)Also Read - Ishqbaaz Actor Additi Gupta Tests Positive For COVID-19, Quarantines at Home

Anika goes to the kitchen to make some lep for Shivaay and suddenly she hears that someone is ringing the bell of a bicycle. Initially she thinks that it is her imagination but when the bell keeps ringing, she goes outside to check if someone is there. Anika keeps chasing the women for a very far away distance and when she realises that she has come very far away from home, she turns around. She recalls that she hasn’t even informed Shivaay. Suddenly she steps into quicksand and gets stuck. He  fails to get out of it even after trying very hard. She keeps telling for Shivaay’s help till the time Shivaay hears her faint voice coming from outside the house. Also Read - Television Hottie Nia Sharma Locks Lips With Ishqbaaz Fame Reyhna Pandit at a Holi Party, Video Goes Viral

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