In Ishqbaaz 25 December  2017 episode we see that Anika gets trapped in a swamp and she keeps on yelling for Shivaay. Shivaay rushes towards the forests to help her but doesn’t know where Anika really is. Just before Anika could drown completely Shivaay finds her and saves her. When he brings her back home, Anika tells Shivaay the entire story. She says that someone was ringing the bicycle bell again and again and that was the reason she went outside. He says that she saw a woman but was not able to see her face clearly. She followed her to the forest but she was not able to catch her in time. Shivaay tells her that things are not adding up quite correctly and he doesn’t understand any of what she is saying. Next day in the morning when Anika wakes up she feels as if she has a throat allergy. Shivaaa brings all the medicines for her but Anika says that she won’t pop in all of the pills just because of a little cough. Shivaay says that when he was in the Oberoi mansion used to do some exercise with Rudra but since he has come here he has lost it all.Also Read - Ishqbaaz Actor Additi Gupta Tests Positive For COVID-19, Quarantines at Home

Meanwhile in the Oberoi house Tej finds out that Gauri is going to Shakti and is helping him with his cough and cold. He starts yelling at her and says that he never expected it from her that she would go against the orders of her father and mother in law. Tej blames Gauri for strategizing against him and his family. He says that she is deliberately mingling with Shakti and Pinky because she always thought that Shivaay is her elder brother. He threatens Gauri that if she will keep on going against his orders, he will perform her last rites to make sure that she is dead to him. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 22 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: ANika Trapped In Quick Sand; Will Shivaay Reach On Time?) Also Read - Television Hottie Nia Sharma Locks Lips With Ishqbaaz Fame Reyhna Pandit at a Holi Party, Video Goes Viral

In Goa, Shivaay tells Anika that he would make some ginger tea for her. Anika days that she would prepare the tea herself. When he goes to the kitchen Shivaay keeps on giving her the instructions. She recalls that when Gauri had an allergic cough, she put basil leaves in her tea. When shoes outside to bring some basil, some one switches he jar of milk. Also Read - Ishqbaaz January 03 Written Update: Family Looks For Shivaansh, Aditi Sells Her Gold Earrings to Pay Doctor's Fees