In Ishqbaaz 26 December  2017 episode we see that when Anika gets unconscious after tasting her tea, Shivaay rushes her to the hospital. Suddenly a man comes and injects something in Anika’s neck. Shivaay gets furious and puts Anika down on the sofa. He starts hitting the man who injected Anika but the man tells Shivaay that he is a doctor and he has just helped Anika by injecting her. Anika gains consciousness in a little while and Shivaay feels that his reaction was inappropriate. He apologizes to the man and the man introduces himself as doctor Veer. He tells Shivaay that he is his neighbour and he stays on the first floor of the same house. Shivaay and Anika thank Dr Veer for saving Anika’s life. Dr Veer tells Shivaay that he was out of town for a few days and he, his wife and his daughter came back last night. He even takes Shivaay to meet his wife and his daughter Shweta. Shivaay gets so overwhelmed after meeting him that he invites Dr Veer and his family for brunch next day in the morning.Also Read - Ishqbaaz Actor Additi Gupta Tests Positive For COVID-19, Quarantines at Home

Anika tries to seduce Shivaay but he keeps talking about Dr. Veer and doesn’t pay attention to her. Anika feels disheartened  and starts telling Shivaay that men often loose interest  in their wives. Shivaay drifts off to sleep and Anika stays wide awake. After a little while she notices that the same bell is ringing once again. She follows the sound which takes her to the store room. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 25 December 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Will Shivaay Be Able To Take Anika To The Hospital On Time?) Also Read - Television Hottie Nia Sharma Locks Lips With Ishqbaaz Fame Reyhna Pandit at a Holi Party, Video Goes Viral

Meanwhile in the Oberoi mansion, Gauri keeps thinking about how Tej knew about her crossing the line. She recalls that it was Tia who saw her but she rejects the thought thinking that Tia is blind. She reconsiders and thinks that Tia might be faking her blindness for staying in the Oberoi house. Also Read - Ishqbaaz January 03 Written Update: Family Looks For Shivaansh, Aditi Sells Her Gold Earrings to Pay Doctor's Fees