Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan have come together to bring to us a brand new Ittefaq in their 10th collaboration. A remake of the 1969 film Ittefaq, directed by Yash Chopra, the film has Sidharth Malhotra stepping into the shoes of Rajesh Khanna, Sonakshi Sinha in Nanda’s character and Akshaye Khanna as a cop played by Iftekhar in the original. The trailers promised an edge of the seat drama for all those who haven’t seen the original. But what about those who already have? I was really looking forward to find out what’s new in Sidharth-Sonakshi’s Ittefaq. Does the film end up being a drag affair or a nail biting drama? Find out in my review.Also Read - Aditya Chopra To Recreate Raj And Simran's Love Story For DDLJ Broadway Musical, Deets Inside

What’s it about?

One rainy night in Mumbai, two murders, two versions, two suspects, one truth. UK based novelist Vikram Sethi (Sidharth) is a prime suspect in two murders. One, of his wife Catherine and another of Maya’s (Sonakshi) husband Shekhar. While he has been pleading not guilty, Maya has been accusing him of killing her husband. For investigating officer Dev (Akshaye), both are suspects till he unearths the truth and finds Vikram’s motive behind killing Shekhar. Both Sidharth and Maya’s versions of the night when it all happened are believable, leaving you confused about who the real killer is. Are they really innocent or is one of them lying? Could there be a third person who’s actually committed the crime? Does the police truly want to nab the killer or just close this high profile case ASAP? Are these two murders on the same night, just hours away from each other an Ittefaq or have a connection? Also Read - Wrong, Unjustified: Aryan Khan Tells Court NCB 'Misinterpreting' WhatsApp Chats to Implicate Him in Drugs Case

What’s hot?

What do you do when you remake a thriller, a story of which is already known or available to the audience? You add so many twists and turns to the narrative that it becomes impossible for the viewer to predict the end. Ittefaq does this so effortlessly that it is hard to not come out of the theatre impressed. The story has been worked upon to add some new thrills to keep even the ones who have watched the original on the edge of the seat. So one can only imagine what this Sidharth, Sonakshi-Akshaye starrer holds for the ones who haven’t. Also Read - Ananya Panday Tells NCB She Was 'Joking' in WhatsApp Chats With Aryan Khan About Procuring Ganja- Reports

Another aspect that Ittefaq gets bang on is to flow from one story to another smoothly, without losing the plot or grip over the audience. Director Abhay Chopra keeps his canvas consistent, further helping you to stay involved in the investigation drama that happens over a time frame. But this is no gangster saga and therefore needed it’s light moments as well. This is provided beautifully by sketching out nuances of officers (including Akshaye) investigating the two murders. There is no forced drama, humour, erotica, romance or emotional angle to dilute the subject at hand, making it the perfect thriller.

All the three stars deliver earnest performances. Akshaye has played this kind of roles earlier as well and you can see how perfect he is in his part. But it is Sidharth who will leave you impressed. We wish we could see more of Sonakshi, but she does justice to her role in her limited screen time in the film.

What’s not?

While the first half is engaging, there are a few bloopers that are so evident you can’t miss them. These distract you and make you worried about what the film has in store if small yet crucial details haven’t been taken care of. But thankfully, the film picks up at an impressive pace, making you ignore the goof ups.

What to do?

Ittefaq is a well made thriller in a long time. Watch it for some edge of the seat suspense, drama and mind boggling twists and turns.


India.com rating: 3.5 stars