Actor Jacqueline Fernandez has spent over 10 years in the film industry and the journey has not been easy. Her latest interview reveals just how much she was criticised for her ‘not-so-Indian looks’, her name that didn’t sound Indian, her features and just for being a single girl in Mumbai who was trying her luck in Bollywood. After making her debut in Aladdin in the year 2009, there was no looking back for Jacqueline. She became one of the most popular female actors among the youth and in her 10 years of career so far, Jacqueline has worked with most of the leading production houses. Also Read - Jacqueline Fernandez Lives 'Princess Diaries' Moment on Sets of ‘Mere Angne Mein’ With Asim Riaz

In her latest interview with News18, Jacqueline explained how she was asked to get a nose job and change her name to ‘Muskaan’ for ‘Jacqueline Fernandez’ never sounded rusty enough to blend into desi-ness. The actor revealed that even the agency handling her career gave serious thought of changing her name to ‘Muskaan’ to ‘crack the industry’. She said at the end of this all, she decided that she was going ahead with her real name and if things were destined to go in her favour, the name-change won’t be required at all. She said, “People used to tell me I have to be a certain way. They wanted me to make my eyebrows darker. And the one feature of mine which I loved since childhood was my nose and then, someone asks me to change my nose.” Also Read - Trending News Today March 03, 2020: Jacqueline Fernandez-Bigg Boss 13 Fame Asim Riaz Set Fans on Frenzy as They Shoot For Holi Song 'Mere Angne Mein'

Jacqueline also talked about how casual racism is so embedded in the film industry that it’s difficult to make people understand that certain things do hurt bad. The actor mentioned that many of his male co-stars would tell her to not try to ‘fit in’ by wearing a saree. Jacqueline revealed that she wore a saree to a Diwali party once and a few male actors told her: “Three of my actor friends were like, ‘Why are you wearing a saree? Why are you trying so hard? You are not Indian!'” Also Read - Bigg Boss 13 Finalist Asim Riaz to Feature in Music Video Opposite Jacqueline Fernandez And Fans Can't Keep Calm

Jacqueline, who was last seen in Netflix series Drive with Sushant Singh Rajput, said people have their own preconceived notions about single women who live in the city and want to be an actor. She said when she started house hunting, she was refused accommodation by many people just because she would tell them that she was in the city to become an actor. Jacqueline said people used to charge extra after knowing that she was an actor. Jacqueline said, “I have moved thrice in the duration of my stay here. And every time I have moved people would be like ‘Oh she’s an actress, up her rent’, it’s so unfair. People have taken me for granted so I have to work really hard for my bread and butter.”