Jiah Khan committed suicide on the fateful day of June 3, 2013 and shocked Bollywood. Well, it’s been over four years but we are still reeling from the shock of this unfortunate incident. After death of Aamir Khan’s co star, her mom Rabia Khan escalated the matter and blamed her daughter’s alleged lover Suraj Pancholi, who made his debut with Salman Khan’s Hero a couple of years ago, for emotionally torturing her to the point where she was forced to take this extreme step. Now, there has been a lot of back and forth in this case and the latest update is that actor Sooraj has requested the court to expedite the case and has blamed Jiah’s mother to have purposefully delayed the proceedings.  He wants the trial at the earliest and get on with his life. Also Read - Sajid Khan #MeToo: Paula Reveals 'Filmmaker Told Jiah Khan Stood in The Same Place Where I Stand Now'

Trouble started after Jiah’s mother appealed to the Supreme Court against High Court’s decision of refusing a Special Investigation Team investigation into the matter. This further derailed the case and Sooraj’s lawyer has cited that this has been done on purpose. According to a daily Sooraj’s lawyer Prashant Patil said “the prosecution was not interested in conducting the trial but only cause undue delay to harass Pancholi.” Also Read - Mahesh Bhatt and Jiah Khan’s Old Video Holding Hands Goes Viral - Watch

Judge SKS Razvi in the Court, according to a leading daily, “The charge in the case is not yet framed. It is highly desirable to expedite the proceedings to hear the parties on framing of charge…the matter will be fixed as the last change after March 20 for argument on framing of charge.” Now the matter is adjourned to March 27, 2017. We will get to know about the next update only then.
Stay tuned for detailed updates on the Jiah Khan suicide case and Sooraj Pancholi’s involvement in it.
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