Ever since Julie 2 is in news, all eyes are more on Pahlaj Nihalani than the film’s lead actress Rai Laxmi. He was one of the most controversial chairman of the the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and we still can’t fathom the fact that he is producing this erotic thriller. When he was bombarded with questions on his hyprocrisy, he retaliated by saying, “Where have we shown vulgarity in the poster? There is a Kingfisher calendar in every house today. If you think this is double standard, then what will you call condoms and lingerie ads on television?” Well, we have one question for him—Did he see the latest song of the film Maala Seenha? If he thinks that’s not vulgar, then we don’t know what is! Also Read - Varun Dhawan, Natasha Dalal Wedding: Producer Pahlaj Nihalani Spills Beans on Their Weekend Wedlock

Mala Seenha (which sounds like yesteryear actress, Mala Sinha) sung by Mamta Sharma, Shabab Sabri, & Danish Sabri, and composed by Javed Mohsin is downright cringe worthy. Absolutely nothing is appealing about the song—neither the music nor the visual. One look at it and it feels as if we’re watching a B Grade film song. What we personally don’t understand is why would anyone come up with a song like that in today’s day and age? It tries very hard to be a ‘Beedi Jalaile’ from Omkara and UP Bihar Lootne from the 1999 film Shool, but fails miserably. While, we wouldn’t encourage you to watch the video of the song, but in case you’re still inquisitive to watch it, here you go: (ALSO READ: Julie 2 Actress Raai Laxmi Was Asked About Ex-Boyfriend Mahendra Singh Dhoni And Her Reply Will Surprise You) Also Read - Kangana Ranaut vs Pahlaj Nihalani: Filmmaker Hits Back After Actress' 'Robe Without Undergarments' Statement

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The film will be helmed by Deepak Shivdasani once again. His earlier film was not only a box office success but it also helped Neha establish a foothold in the industry. After all it was Neha, who during an interview around the release of the film said, “Only sex and Shah Rukh Khan sells”. Well, no blaming her for her honesty as that is what made the film work. It would be interesting to see if the film lives up to the same hype its prequel had set. This song definitely didn’t but who are we to judge, right? Anyway, the film is slated to release on October 6, 2017. Watch out this space for more info.