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Los Angeles, Aug 22: Singer Justin Bieber has finally paid over $10,000 to cover the cost of caring for the pet monkey he abandoned in Germany last year. Also Read - Germany, France Suspend AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine Amid Blood Clotting Concerns

Bieber landed in trouble with authorities in Germany in March 2013 for illegally bringing his pet primate Mally into the country without the necessary paperwork or vaccinations. And instead of providing the needed documents, he chose to leave the creature behind. Also Read - Bird Flu Reported in 10 EU Countries: What Steps Are They Taking to Prevent Further Spread?

The German Federal Nature Conservation Agency says Bieber finally paid out $10,700 last week, which will cover the monkey’s cost of living at a shelter for the past 17 months, reports Mally is now living at a zoo in North Germany.