Kalki Koechlin is one opinionated individual. In the past, the actress didn’t shy away from expressing her opinions on matters concerning women and society. Perhaps that’s why it comes as no surprise that on the occasion of World Music Day, the actress takes up the pertinent topic of noise pollution by releasing a music video, titled Noise. Also Read - Kalki Koechlin Gives Herself a Makeover At-Home

‘Noise’ was released on Culture Machine’s digital channel Blush today. Kalki is seen reciting a rap poetry, which was written by the multi-talented actress herself. She reportedly wrote the poem in October 2016, for a poetry slam competition in Bengaluru. Also Read - Anurag Kashyap’s Savage Response to Troll Who Took a Dig at His Unsuccessful Marriages

In the music video, the 33-year-old actress criticizes the ever-soaring noise pollution in the country, citing festivals, morning/evening azaans at the mosque, social media notification tones, fish market, traffic, loud prayers at the temples and church bells as the common reasons for it. (ALSO READ: Say what? Salman Khan to release THREE films in 2018!) Also Read - Kalki Koechlin’s Daughter Sappho Enjoys Tamil Lullaby With Ukelele - Watch The Cutest Video Here

Speaking to a leading tabloid about the music video, Kalki says, “I wrote this poem last October for a poetry slam competition in Bangalore and performed it for the opening ceremony. The topic was the overwhelming amount of noise in the country, be it religious or political, or the deafening sounds in our heads. By highlighting them, we want to highlight the value of silence.”

Speaking about the controversial topic of religion and noise, celebrated singer, Sonu Nigam, compared Azaan to a cacophony, few months ago, stirring up quite a controversy.  To add insult to injury he took to Twitter to share how he is forced to wake up by the Azaan every morning and called the the entire scenario an example of “forced religiousness.” Hope this video, doesn’t lead up to the same!

This is the actress’ second music video with Blush. Her earlier work Printing Machine with the online women and lifestyle channel was widely appreciated.