Queen Kangana Ranaut is back! The actress, faced with several allegations in the recent past, has given a ‘tell-all’ interview to India Today’s Rahul Kanwal, in which she has supposedly thrown light on a lot of rumours. She also made sure that Kanwal did not embarrass her with his question on the men in her life, hitting back at him! Kangana spoke about her legal battle with alleged her ex-boyfriend, actor Hrithik Roshan who refuses to accept that there was something going on between them. Hrithik has also filed a complaint with the cyber crime cell that Kangana’s emails of love were sent to an imposter’s email ID and not his real one. The case is being investigated and Kangana recently recorded her statement. Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Shares New Picture of Newborn Playing With Saif And Taimur, Hides His Face Again

First of all, Kangana replied sharply to her ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman’s allegations that she had performed black magic on him by adding her “impure blood” in his food. Kangana said, “People in the country are discussing my menstrual blood and that I used it for making food, etc.” She went on to say that “In the end, it was said it’s ‘gross’. Periods are not ‘gross’!” (ALSO READ:  Did Salman Khan’s TV show reveal Kangana Ranaut’s tendency to practice black magic? Watch video)  Also Read - Kareena Kapoor Khan Reveals Her Bedroom Secret With Saif Ali Khan, Says 'Wine, Pyjama And Saifu'

Kangana also said, “Whatever has happened in my life recently has shocked me too. It’s been a bit too overwhelming.” Take a look at a few India Today tweets to hear what Kangana said in the interview and read more about it below the tweets. Also Read - Neelima Azeem Says Shahid Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter Travelled by Buses to Understand Struggle | Exclusive

In fresh allegations, Adhyayan Suman’s parents Shekhar Suman and Alka Suman said that Kangana Ranaut hypnotised their son to such an extent that he was depressed and may have committed suicide. Read about it here: Kangana Ranaut hypnotised Adhyayan Suman and he may have committed suicide, allege Shekhar Suman and wife Alka! (Watch video)

In the interview, Kangana also spoke about working with the three Khans in Bollywood (she calls them a phenomenon), and how she wants to make films for the world audience. She speaks about her three National Film Awards for Fashion, Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns. Kangana talked about gender disparity in Bollywood and also said that she is the third hero in her film Rangoon alongside Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor.

Kangana revealed that she is a feminist by chance, not by choice. She does not try and be better than men but everybody around her. She feels men and women should work alongside each other and not compete with each other.

Kangana sharply said that it should be asked of her if she has accepted Bollywood and not the other way around. Kangana also spoke very objectively about being accused of being bipolar or schizophrenic, or having the Asperger’s Syndrome (as alleged by Hrithik), and indulging in black magic. She said that we don’t respect women in India. Kangana Ranaut signed off saying, “I cannot pretend to be sorry for what I’m not”.

Photo: India Today Twitter.