Recently a clip of Kangana Ranaut laughing over Jim Sarbh’s rape joke at the 71st International Cannes Film Festival went viral. The actress who is known for her comments on women empowerment and feminism was heavily trolled for cracking up over the Padmaavat actor’s joke. In the viral video, Jim says, “I’d rather be raped by 12 prostitutes than touch alcohol and the Punjabi says ‘Me too, I didn’t know that was an option’,” he said. Kangana Ranaut, who was standing next to Jim, starts laughing.” Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Takes Dig at Bollywood Celebs For Supporting Black Lives Matter, Says 'Sadhu Lynching Not Fancy Enough For Them'

Twitterati is clearly not pleased with Kangana for laughing at something like this. Twitterati is also really upset with the Neerja baddie for joking about rape and equalling prostitutes to rapists. A few users also reminded the Queen actress for calling out Salman Khan previously when during his infamous rape comment. At that point, Ms Ranaut had said, “We all agree that it’s a horrible thing to say. Something that is extremely insensitive. But let’s not encourage that mentality where we want to point fingers at each other and want to feel greater by running people down by trolling them.” Take a look at how Jim and Kangana were trolled for laughing and making fun of rape. Also Read - Wajid Khan's Death: Salman Khan Pays a Loving Tribute to His Dear Friend And Frequent Collaborator

Take a look at the tweets below:

Jim Sarbh clarified that his joke was taken out of context. While talking to BollywoodLife he said, “The joke that I made is about a Priest blowing a very casual question completely out of proportion, condemning alcohol, prostitutes, and rape all simultaneously. The Punjabi (or whichever ethnicity, depending on the audience) responds to the situation by consenting to it and expressing his sexual proclivities. I personally do not find it to be about a desire to rape, or to inflict sexual violence upon another, but a subversive and comedic response to an extremely volatile sentence.” He also said, “I did not intend to hurt anybody, and I certainly do not consider actual sexual or physical violence funny.”