Kangana Ranaut faced a lot of struggles when she first entered Bollywood but she made her way to the top. The actress is now in a position to choose what she wants to do and how. And to perfectly enjoy working in films, the Manikarnika actress has figured out what she loves the most about being in films and focuses on only those aspects. While she seeks to do unique roles which are written for a strong woman and a brilliant actor like her, films seek Kangana out too. Also Read - Sunny Leone Makes a Strange Post After Kangana Ranaut Questions Feminists For Calling Her Sexist in Urmila Matondkar Row

And yet, she hasn’t made films and the arc light or being under the media spotlight all the time, her life. That’s why when she chose to make her dream home, she chose a place like Manali where she would be able to stay away from the paparazzi and limit the limelight as and when she wanted. In a recent interview to a leading daily, Kangana, who regaled us all with Simran in 2017, came across as being really sorted in the head. She is happy realising the fact that all the things that she loves about her work, she will always have that. “I have figured out that the things that I love about my job, I am always going to have. I can always write, I can always direct, I can be a volunteer and just write what I want to write, and make movies,” she said in her chat with Bombay Times, revealing that armed with that knowledge leaves no scope for her to feel insecure. ALSO READ: Kangana Ranaut Has A Special Surprise For Her Fans And You Won’t Believe What’s It About Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Says ‘I Am Not Ladaku Person, Will Quit Twitter' After With Anurag Kashyap

She also knows her ideal is not everyone’s ideal and her happy is not everyone’s idea of happy. Kangana says that what she likes and feels happy about is against the popular culture since she is a “little different”. “I am not saying that what I do, what I want, or what I like or dislike is right or wrong, no. It’s just that I am a little different. The things that make me happy, might not be the things that everyone is after,” she shared in the interview. Also Read - Kriti Sanon Shares a Cryptic Post Hinting at Kangana Ranaut: It’s Not About You Anymore It’s About Them

Kangana Ranaut’s Moment With Nephew Prithvi Raj Is Too Cute For Words

Kangana Ranaut’s Moment With Nephew Prithvi Raj Is Too Cute For Words

When further probed what are those things that she is happy with or without, unlike her contemporaries, Kangana said, “Like I don’t do fairness brands, I don’t do big hero films, I don’t do item numbers which can boost your vanity to some unimaginable proportion.” She, in fact, came out very strongly against item numbers when asked why she doesn’t want to be part of them and said, “I don’t do item numbers because there is nothing to be done in them. They are obscene, at times unfair, most of them are sexist. What is there to be done in them? I personally feel they should be banned. I can’t be a part of something which is so toxic for us, our society, our children.”

Over the past few years, some of Bollywood’s leading ladies have starred in item numbers, leaving the so-called ‘item girls’ out of work. Deepika Padukone (Kamli), Priyanka Chopra (Ram Leela), Bipasha Basu (Beedi), Kareena Kapoor Khan (Mera Naam Mary, Fevicol Se) are some names that come to mind.

Further taking a dig on songs that objectify women (think Katrina Kaif’s Sheila Ki Jawani and Chikni Chameli), she said, “If I have a daughter, would I want her to be called those names, objectified like that?”