After Twitter suspended Rangoli Chandel‘s account and Kangana Ranaut released a video message defending her sister, Farah Khan Ali wrote an open letter addressing the actor. Now, the social media team of Kangana has written to Farah refuting her claims that Rangoli called out for ‘Muslim genocide’ by using the reference to the Nazis in her tweets.Also Read - 'Level of Hatred Increasing': Congress Leader Singhvi Takes Jibe at Rangoli Chandel, Ajaz Khan

In the comments section of Farah’s open letter on Twitter, Team Kangana Ranaut wrote that Rangoli never implied what the designer mentioned in her letter to Kangana and she should justify her claims with actual proofs now. The team asked Farah to post the screenshots of Rangoli’s tweets on Twitter claiming that she only questioned the Muslims who were involved in attacking doctors referring to the Moradabad incident. Their tweets read, “Dear @FarahKhanAli , Instead of selectively ‘quoting’ #RangoliChandel, post content of her tweet.She started by condemning those who attacked doctors, & referred to ‘these mullas’, meaning the ones who attacked.  Never did she compare herself to a nazi. She wrote ‘they may call us Nazi’, Referring to the slurs she recieved. Kindly dont twist words to suit your distorted narrative.
Team #KanganaRanaut (2/2)” (sic) Also Read - Farah Khan Ali Writes to Kangana Ranaut, Explains How Rangoli Chandel Implied 'Genocide of Muslims' in Her Tweets by Using 'Nazis'

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Earlier, in her open letter posted on Saturday night, Farah told Kangana that she didn’t report Rangoli’s Twitter account out of any personal grudge but solely because she had allegedly targetted a particular community and tried to spread hatred against Muslims. Farah said even though Rangoli didn’t use the term ‘Muslim genocide’ in her tweets, what she wrote by using the word ‘Nazi’ implied that she was referring to the Holocaust incident from World War II where Hitler and his army killed over 6 million jews.

Farah said, “My reaction to Rangoli’s tweet was because she specifically used the word “Nazi” along with “Mullahs and secular media” in her tweet. It spoke of making both mullahs and secular media stand in line and shoot them dead… it further said “f****k the history they may call us “Nazis” who cares, life is more imp than fake image.” (sic)