Kanika Kapoor has denied all the charges against her in the FIR after testing positive for the coronavirus. She said she was cleared by the authorities at the airport and was not asked to take any precautionary measures by anyone when she landed in India on March 9. The popular singer is a single mother and she was in the UK with her kids. Kanika landed in Mumbai on March 9, Monday, and went to Lucknow on the same day. Also Read - Rishi Kapoor Posts Prayer in Favour of Kanika Kapoor-Yes Bank Founder Rana Kapoor, Says 'Kuch “Kapoor” Logon pe Time Bhaari Hai'

In an interview with Mirror Now, Kanika maintained that all the reports being circulated about her and how she has been portrayed as the villain, are not justified. The singer said at the Mumbai airport on March 9, she was screened by the medical professionals and was not given any information about the infection or told about going under self-quarantine for some days. “At the Mumbai airport, when I landed, we were all screened. Medical people screened us and they let us go home. They didn’t tell us that we needed to be quarantined. On March 9, I was not told by anybody that I had to go under self-quarantine. If I was told, I would not have gone against any rules.” Also Read - Coronavirus Positive Kanika Kapoor Booked For 'Negligence' And 'Disobedience'

She added that she threw no party anywhere after coming back from the UK but attended a family get-together where the members of her family were present along with other guests. Kanika said the get-together took place on March 13 and it was not a massive party. She accepted that apart from relatives and family members, bureaucrats were also present there. She also said she did not throw any party at any hotel. Also Read - Kanika Kapoor on Getting Coronavirus: Didn't Party, CM's Office Said There Was no Need For Test

Kanika maintained that as soon as she got to know she had contracted COVID-19, she personally called up all she feared to have got in touch with and informed them about getting tested or going under self-quarantine. Kanika said, “Don’t spread rumours. Don’t come down to conclusions. Truth is far from what people are writing about me.”