Singer Indeep Bakshi, who was recently seen as a participant on Mujhse Shaadi Karoge, is worried about his friend and colleague Kanika Kapoor. The singer was tested positive for the coronavirus last week and she has been admitted to a hospital in Lucknow ever since. Kanika recently claimed that she was not told that she was infected with the virus at the time of the screening at the airport. She said she was not even asked to take any precautions or go under self-quarantine. However, FIR was lodged against her in Lucknow citing that she was informed by the authorities and yet she didn’t care to follow the rules of self-isolation. Also Read - Kanika Kapoor Needs to Act Like Patient, Not Star: Hospital Director Reveals Singer is Getting Best Treatment Possible

In his latest interview with Hindustan Times, Indeep Bakshi said Kanika is going through a lot of stress because of all the negative reporting around her. He said when he heard about Kanika contracting the virus, he called her up to inquire about her health and she shared her ordeal with him. Indeep said Kanika told him that she herself went to the hospital to get the test done even when she was told that she didn’t need any test and instead rest at home. Kanika told Indeep that the officials initially told her that she just had a normal fever, nothing else. Also Read - Bappi Lahiri to Release a Song on Coronavirus Including All Government Advisories, Wishes Best For Kanika Kapoor And Lady Gaga

“Kanika told me (over message) that it took her two days to get the tests done from the health department when she was told it is just a normal fever and she should only get some rest. She has also talked about it that she went to the hospital on her own. She was appalled to see all those negative comments at a time when she is herself struggling for her own health and safety,” Indeep explained. Also Read - Kanika Kapoor's Friend Forced to Undergo Test For COVID-19 at Mumbai Hospital After Neighbours Complained to BMC

Various reports claimed that Kanika ran away after being tested positive, hid and later, partied out with friends and family without fear that the disease could transmit from her to others. However, Kanika denied all these reports. Indeep also mentioned that it’s not possible for the singer to run away from anywhere. He said if Kanika has broken a law, she will be punished but she should not be subjected to negativity and insensitivity in the time when she’s battling a deadly infection and is under self-isolation.