Is Prabhas’ Salaar Actually KGF: Chapter 3? Spoilers Ahead!

If you have watched KGF: Chapter 3, you'd know about Rocky Bhai's fate but what if we gather all the hints for you that Prashanth Neel's next movie with Prabhas - Salaar actually looks a lot like KGF 3. Read on.

Published: April 20, 2022 3:12 PM IST

By Vineeta Kumar

Is Prabhas' Salaar Actually KGF: Chapter 3? Spoilers Ahead!
Is Prabhas' Salaar Actually KGF: Chapter 3? Spoilers Ahead! (Photo Created by Gaurav Gautam for

The mid-credit details of KGF: Chapter 2 gives a slight hint about the makers keeping the options of having KGF 3 open. Both the films in the franchise have been super successful at the Box Office and it won’t be a big deal if the makers decide to take the franchise ahead with a third part in the series. However, something about the same idea has struck our minds and we can’t really stop thinking about it. We bet even you won’t once you know what it’s about!

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KGF: Chapter 2 mid-credits scene explained

So, those of you who have watched KGF 2 would know how Rocky Bhai simply chooses his own death and drowns with a hell lot of gold in the sea. Even his Kolar Gold Fields stands as some Harappa city that remains extinct now and there’s no proof of his existence except this manuscript that journalist Anant Ingalagi has dumped somewhere in his library. However, in a mid-credit scene, a worker dusting off books at the library gets his hand on a manuscript that reads ‘KGF: Chapter…’. Now, before we can read it entirely, the credits resume. The scene can definitely be read as a big hint from the makers that the story has indeed not ended with Rocky Bhai drowning in the sea. Or has he really drowned (we could never see his dead body)?

Is Prabhas Salaar the next part in the KGF franchise by director Prashanth Neel?

The interesting theory that can’t leave our minds now that we have got many facts supporting it is: what if Salaar is actually KGF 3? This big Prabhas starrer is the next venture of KGF director Prashanth Neel and it actually looks a lot like KGF with its first posters and all the details that the makers have shared here and there. Read on.

Prabhas uses the same gun in Salaar as that of Rocky Bhai in KGF 2

Prabhas uses the same gun in Salaar as that of Rocky Bhai in KGF 2 (Photo Courtesy: Movie posters)

  • KGF and Salaar set in coal fields: First, Salaar is set in a coal field, similar to how KGF was. The team of the film has been shooting in the Godavarikhani Coal City near Telangana. The posters of Salaar show Prabhas fully clad in a black outfit and exuding this raw rusticity, much like Rocky Bhai from the KGF series.
  • Prabhas and Yash hold the same guns: The main poster that shows Prabhas holding a big gun in his hand is another big hint at Salaar being a part of the KGF series. If you notice carefully, the gun on the poster and the gun in Rocky Bhai’s hands in the KGF posters are both the same. There’s this whole sequence of Rocky buying guns to beat Adheera for the first time in KGF 2 which makes these guns quite prominent in the movie.
Jagapathi Babu's role in Salaar looks similar to KGF 2's Adheera played by Sanjay Dutt

Jagapathi Babu’s role in Salaar looks similar to KGF 2’s Adheera played by Sanjay Dutt (Photo Courtesy: Movie stills)

  • Jagapathi Babu’s Rajamanaar looks similar to Adheera: The character poster of Jagapathi Babu, who plays the villain in Salaar, is another very strong aspect that pushes us to believe the two stories could really be connected. Most fans noticed how Rajamanaar looks so much like Dutt’s Adheera in the first poster with the same heavily kohled eyes, the septum ring, the brutality in the eyes and the rage on the face. Could Rajamanaar be related to Adheera?
  • KGF 2’s Easwari Rao in Prabhas’ Salaar now: Another actress who would be joining the team of Salaar is Easwari Rao who would reportedly be playing the role of Prabhas’ mother in the film. Rao also plays a crucial role in KGF 2. She’s one of the women who are working in Rocky’s coal mines and declares him as the ruler of the world in a powerful scene. It won’t be surprising if the makers decide to build this character further and explore her identity in Salaar.
Easwari Rao plays a crucial role in KGF 2. She is also a part of Salaar

Easwari Rao plays a crucial role in KGF 2. She is also a part of Salaar (Photo Courtesy: Movie Still)

  • KGF and Salaar have same teams: The rest of the team Salaar is the same as that of KGF 2. While Prashant Neel is debuting in the Telugu industry with this film, Prabhas is catering to the Kannada audience for the first time with an out-and-out Kannada language drama. The music composer of Salaar is Ravi Basrur who also created music for Yash’s KGF series while cinematographer Bhuvan Gowda is handling the camera. He also did the same for the KGF series.

Too many coincidences or have the makers really thought of building their own gangster universe with KGF and Salaar? Your thoughts? Also, you read this first here!

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Published Date: April 20, 2022 3:12 PM IST