Just when you though that you will never get to see Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, two of the best comedians that we have, together again, here’s a ray of hope. Kapil, who is back on the small screen with his new show Family Time With Kapil, revealed how he is missing his old team and wishes they all were back together. The show went on air just a few days ago and has got mostly negative reviews. Fans on Twitter have dissed the show. The review that the first episode of the show has received, might motivate Kapil to seriously think about getting his A Team back. And his recent tweet revealed that he might be in the mood to forgive and forget the past feuds. Also Read - Kapil Sharma Responds to Mukesh Khanna’s Statement Calling His Comedy Show ‘Vulgar’

In a reply to his ex-colleague Ali Asgar, who took to Twitter to congratulate and wish luck to the comedy king for his latest outing, Kapil said, “Thank u ali bhai .. missing u guys .. it’s the same floor where we used to shoot comedy nights.. I only know how I am shooting without u guys .. love u.” Earlier to this, Kapil had been going around confessing in his interviews during Firangi that he would love to work with Sunil again and would definitely call him as soon as the concept of his new show is finalised. ALSO READ: Family Time With Kapil Sharma: Kapil Reaches A New Low, Declare Twitterati Also Read - Gajendra Chauhan Slams Mukesh Khanna for Calling The Kapil Sharma Show ‘Vulgar, Double Meaning’

Yes, Kapil didn’t take any names, but his tweet clearly suggests how he is missing all of his ex-colleagues. But the possibility of Sunil taking a hint from this tweet is highly unlikely. Especially after the much public Twitter rift between the two, where Sunil said he hasn’t been approached for the show and Kapil denied the claims, called Sunil a liar and opportunist. ALSO READ: Kapil Sharma Again Accuses The ‘Smarter’ Sunil Grover Of Knowing When And How To Play Games And Take Advantage

Interestingly, Sunil had also revealed on Twitter that he has signed a new show. We wonder when he will make an official announcement and share more details about it. The last time he and Kapil decided to go solo, post Comedy Nights With Kapil, they both failed to impress audience and had to reunite for The Kapil Sharma Show. Will history repeat itself? We got to wait and watch!