Actor Kareena Kapoor Khan is often labelled as the quintessential Bollywood diva who has had a glamorous run throughout her career in the film industry. But she says she has had her own share of struggle. Being associated with one of the most celebrated film families in the country, Kareena had ‘access’ since always but in her latest interview with Pinkvilla, she talked about how she had to fight hard to justify her place in the industry whether by being strict about her remuneration or by creating a space away from the image of her elder sister – Karisma Kapoor who had seen a stupendous run already by the time Bebo debuted in the industry. Also Read - Donald Trump's Daughter Ivanka Trump Wears Sherwani by Anita Dongre, Designer Slammed For Using 'Nepotism, Fascism' to Promote Her Brand

While talking about nepotism in the industry, Kareena said there’s a common perception that the star-kids have it all easy and while she would agree to this to a certain point, she doesn’t think it’s fair to ‘brush their struggles under the carpet.’ Bebo, as she is fondly called, said she had to work hard to live up to the benchmark that her sister had already set with her back-to-back blockbusters in Bollywood. She added she lost out on opportunities when she quoted a certain figure as her remuneration and there, her star-kid status didn’t work. “I had my own struggle when it came to breaking that image too. Because when you are attached to being Lolo’s sister, coming from the Kapoor family. I had my own share of struggle which people usually brush under the carpet. The perception is star children don’t have their own share of struggles,” she said. Also Read - Siddhant Chaturvedi's Savage Reply to Ananya Pandey's Nepotism Rant is Now a Viral Meme

Kareena talked about pay disparity and mentioned that she highlighted this way back when she had just stepped into the industry but it didn’t get any attention then. The actor mentioned that the times have changed and she is in a place where she can demand money for her presence in a film but she had to face rejection when she wore her confidence on her sleeves back then. Kareena said she never let her confidence die in whatever she did and that’s the only thing she wants other women to do – to not let anyone tell them that they are not worthy. “I have been a girl who has been confident in myself. I have never lost that steam and confidence and that is something I tell people that wear your confidence hard,” Bebo said. Also Read - Taapsee Pannu Calls Out Pay Disparity in Industry, Says Credit of Badla Went Solely to Amitabh Bachchan Initially

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