The sangeet ceremony of Naveen and Prerna continues with a few performances. Anurag is in deep thoughts as he was questioned by Sid about his feelings for Prerna. Later, when he met Prerna and found out about how Naveen and Madhuri danced together and as the waiter spilled food on him, he had to leave. Anurag started with the same, Naveen rant. He even took her away from the crowd. Also Read - Do You Know Disha Patani Once Dated Parth Samthaan But Allegedly Left Him Because he Cheated?

Prerna confronts that it bothers her when people talk about them that they might have feelings for each other. Prerna is seen feeling conflicted but happy with Anurag’s touch. As he tries to get the hair out of her face. She thinks about how it makes her feel good and it could be because of her feelings for him. Also Read - Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Nazar Actor Sonyaa Ayodhya Ties The Knot With Longtime Beau Harsh Samore at Grand Wedding in Jaipur

But Naveen is tensed as Ronita has reached Anurag’s room. He is making all the plans to how to get rid of Ronita and is afraid of being exposed. Naveen secretly enters Anurag’s room to see if Ronita is alive or dead.

Naveen attacks Ronita as he first suffocates her with a pillow. Meanwhile, Anurag and Mohini are coming inside the room to see Ronita.

Ronita is shouting for help but no one can listen to her as the door is locked. As Mohini and Anurag is about to enter the room where Ronita is being attacked, a phone call from Mohini’s father rings. She gets excited an pick up the call and stops Anurag to speak to his nana first.

Mohini says Anurag that she will later meet Ronita as his father’s call is important to her. When Anurag opens the door, Moloy visits Anurag and starts the conversation. Meanwhile, Ronita is throwing things around to seek help. When Moloy takes Anurag with him Ronita shouts HELP HELP! They both run and see what is happening in the room. The precap of the next episode shows Anurag requesting Prerna to not to marry Naveen. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Kasautii Zindagii Kay!