Anurag, Prerna, and entire Basu family looks outside the window of Ronita’s room and find shoes. Anurag tells everybody that these are not his shoe and wonders whose shoes are these. In the meantime, Naveen hides in the balcony. Mohini asks everyone to resume with the sangeet ceremony and ask Moloy to tighten the security. Everybody leaves the room except Anurag. He remembers that these shoes are of Naveen and he needs to tell this to Prerna. Before leaving the room Anurag asks the helper Payal to close the window. Naveen slips from the balcony and falls down. Also Read - Shweta Tiwari's Weight Loss Journey: 40-Year-Old Actor Sheds 10 Kgs, Looks Fabulous

Madhuri wonders where the entire Basu family is and then only they come down from upstairs. She wonders why all of them are so worried. Naveen then calls Madhuri and ask her to come to the parking area with his shoes and some water. She goes out to see Naveen and he narrates the whole story. She calms him down and says that we have to tolerate them for just three days more and she will handle Ronita. She further says that she hopes Ronita doesn’t wake up until the sangeet ceremony is over. Also Read - Shweta Tiwari's Transformation From Bahu to Babe Leaves Fans Surprised, Photos go Viral

Mohini asks Prerna to get the puja thali from the kitchen but bare feet. While Prerna is getting the thali, Anurag asks her to come with him and they start walking towards the hall. Then Anurag and Prerna step into sindoor thali kept on the floor and start walking again leaving their footprints on the floor.  Prerna’ sister asks her mother what is the use of sindoor thali and then she explains that the couple steps into the thali and walks towards the mandir to take blessings of God. Anurag and Prerna then go to house temple and keeps the puja thali on the feet of the god’s idol. Then only Mohini comes and see the footprints and gets upset on Prerna and asks the house helper to clean the floor.

Naveen comes back to the ceremony and Anurag check his shoes. He thinks to himself that Naveen has changed his shoes so that no one can doubt him. Meanwhile, Madhuri sees helper Payal in the hall and thinks that is this the right time to kill Ronita. She goes to Ronita’s room and picks up the cushion but then only Moloy comes out of the bathroom and she gets stunned by seeing him. Moloy goes to MadhHuri and tells her that he knows her intentions and she should be shameful.

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