In the latest episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Maloy feels happy as he dances after Mohini cancelled Naveen’s wedding with Prerna. Naveen thinks that he will tie the knot with Prerna in any condition. He calls his friend for help and tells her that Mohini is blaming Prerna for Kirti and Rohan’s case. He further tells her that he needs her help. Also Read - Kasautii Zindagii Kay Last Episode to Air on October 3, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Not Replacing The Show

Veena waits outside the police station and asks the officer when they will leave her daughter. Anurag wakes up and sees Prerna leaning on his shoulder while sleeping. When she asks him time, he tells her that his watch broke. Also Read - Parth Samthaan Exit From Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Makers Ask Writers And Directors to Develop Alternate Tracks For The Actor

Veena meets Prerna and tells her that they will be out today and Anurag assures her that all of them are fine. Also Read - Kasautii Zindagii Kay to Get New Cast, Parth Samthaan And Erica Fernandes Bid Adieu?

The lawyer tells Maloy that Kirti’s parents have given proof that she is underage so it is almost impossible to get Anurag out of jail. Mohini calls Kirti’s mother and tells Maloy that she will beg in front of her. However, the latter doesn’t pick up her call.

Naveen comes with a politician to the police station. The latter tells the officer that Kirti is not underage adding that Anurag and Prerna have not done anything wrong. He tells them not to get afraid with Kirti’s father’s political connection.

Police release Anurag, Prerna and their friends. Both of them thank the politician. The latter says that firstly he thought Anurag and Prerna are getting married as they look good together.

He advises them not to get involved in anybody’s matter and not to fall in love.

As Naveen comes home with Prerna and Anurag, Mohini hugs his son tight.

When Mohini asks Naveen what he wants in return, he requests her to get him engaged to Prerna, tomorrow. Mohini agrees to it.

Anurag gets upset. When Maloys asks him if he knows why Prerna is getting married to Naveen. He says that when he asked her she told him to stay away.

Naveen drops Prerna home and tells her that he has paid her father’s loan. He says that he has invested a lot on her. Prerna warns him if he continues to speak like this, she will break marriage.

Naveen touches feet of Prerna’s parents. He tells them that his age is not more and also dances to a song leaving everyone in splits. Naveen tells Sharma family that he and Prerna are getting engagement, tomorrow.