In the latest episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Rajesh goes to the market to fix his bag. Just when he is about to leave, Mohini and Anurag turn up at their place. Mohini apologises to Prerna for being rude to her when she was in jail. Mohini gets gifts for them for Prerna and Naveen’s ashirvad ceremony. Anurag and Prerna get ready to go to college. Prerna goes to get a book before leaving and Anurag goes to the washroom. Also Read - Do You Know Disha Patani Once Dated Parth Samthaan But Allegedly Left Him Because he Cheated?

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Naveen arrives at his wife’s place with a bouquet. While walking down the stairs, Anurag bumps into Prerna. Prerna and Anurag leave for college while Mohini stays back for a cup of tea. Anurag and Prerna arrive in college. Naveen tries to call Prerna but she does not receive. Prerna receives and Naveen starts shouting at her and then tells her how excited he is for their engagement. Also Read - 'Mere Dad Ki Dulhan' Star Shweta Tiwari Calls Her Second Troubled Marriage With Abhinav Kohli as 'Infection'

Prerna’s friend tells Prerna that her Aadan Pradhan video is going viral on their college website. In college, everyone talks about how Prerna is getting married to Naveen only for money. Someone tells Anurag that Tapur is smoking. Anurag goes to confront Tapur but she gets mad at Anurag for not trusting her and leaves from there. Anurag follows her and reaches the girls washroom. Prerna is crying inside the washroom, Anurag hears Prerna and thinks it is Tapur and tells her to stop crying. He tells her, “I love you Jaan, please stop crying.” Prerna comes outside and Anurag is surprised to see her.

Anurag follows Prerna and tells her that whatever he said was for her as well. Anurag gives her his handkerchief to wipe her tears. Anurag tells Prerna that her tears are special and she should not waste it. Anurag even tells her that he has heard her even though she has not said anything. Anurag then wipes her tears with his handkerchief. Anurag then cracks a joke to make her smile.

Anjali and her friend see Anurag and Prerna sitting together and gets jealous. Naveen comes to college to take Prerna for lunch. She refuses and then he asks her to take her home and she agrees.