In the latest episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, Mohini gives Prerna a saree. Anurag enters. Mohini tells Prerna that she wants her to look good since many rich families will be coming to attend hers and Naveen’s aashirvad ceremony. Also Read - Erica Fernandes Parties Hard With Kasautii Zindagii Kay Stars, Looks Pretty in Her LBD

Anurag enters while Prerna changes to her saree. He tells her that he knows why she was upset in the college toilet. He then tells her that no one will bother her in college since he has told them that this is your personal choice just like everyone else. Also Read - Shweta Tiwari's Weight Loss Journey: 40-Year-Old Actor Sheds 10 Kgs, Looks Fabulous

Anurag leaves but Prerna stops him and asks him to help her tie the knot of her blouse. Anurag helps her. Naveen suddenly enters and sees Anurag tie the knot. Naveen tells Anurag that he will help his bride-to-be. He tells her to call him instead of calling any random guy. Also Read - Shweta Tiwari's Transformation From Bahu to Babe Leaves Fans Surprised, Photos go Viral

Anupam gives Nivedita her new car keys and Nivedita gets furious at him for taking her new car. Anurag tells Moloy that he cannot handle the project. Moloy tells Anurag that it is a gift from him. Anurag refuses. Nivedita takes responsibility for the project.

Anurag confronts Nivedita if the reason for her being mad at him was the project. They end the conversation with a hug. Tapur apologises for being rude to Anurag in college. Mohini compliments Prerna. Anurag asks Prerna about their honeymoon. Moloy tells Naveen that he went to New Zealand with his first wife then to Paris with his second so he asks Naveen to spend his honeymoon in India this time. Naveen tells that they will go to a hill station for their honeymoon. Prerna tries to pass the food bowl to Anurag but Naveen holds her hand tight. Anurag gets furious and shouts and leaves from there saying that he has some work.

Anurag is in his room and suddenly hears Naveen’s phone ring. He goes to see a girls message. He messages the girl through Naveen’s phone and asks her to come outside their house.

Anurag bumps into Anupam and everyone stops him. He leaves saying that he is in a hurry. Anurag asks Prerna how many guests are coming from their end.

Naveen’s secret girl who he refers to as Jaan calls Naveen. Naveen finds out that someone else messaged her from his phone and asks her to leave immediately. The girl turns to see Anurag stand right behind her. Anurag calls her inside their house.