Host Amitabh Bachchan begins tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 11 by introducing roll-over contestant airman Rohit Kumar. He is the airman of the Indian Air Force working at IIT Kharagpur where he is the part of the NCC Training Programme. His team,, along with the students of IIT, creates awareness among the villagers about the importance of education, proper hygiene, environment and about the countless job opportunities. If he wins on KBC, he wishes to donate some money to ‘Bharat Ke Veer’, to invest some amount for his son’s future and organise a ‘Bhandara’ at the temple of his family deity. Also Read - KBC 12: Anupa Das Becomes 3rd Crorepati of Season; Would She Attempt Rs 7 Crore Question?

He visits his home for 15-20 days twice or thrice a year. His wife often takes leave and visits Rohit in Kharagpur. He wishes to buy a house in Delhi to make his wife’s life easier as she has to travel for 2-3 hours to get to her workplace. Rohit along with his fellow soldiers installed solar lamps and fans in a newly opened Aanganvadi in a nearby village. He is a frank about his opinions and often loses his cool when he sees people indulging in the wrong. Also Read - KBC 12: As Promised, Amitabh Bachchan Now Follows Crorepati IPS Mohita Sharma on Instagram

Amitabh Bachchan recalls an incident from his college days. He says, he used to take a bus and along with his fellow friends during his college time in Delhi and used to wait for Cannaught Place to arrive so that girls get on to the bus. After a few years when he got on the bus again, he meets a girl on the bus. The girl told him that even she used to wish to see that Big B be on the bus. She also said that she used to wish that other fellow friend named ‘Pran’ can go but not Big B. She then cracked an antidote and said, ‘Pran jaye per Bachchan na Jaye’. Also Read - KBC 12 Second Crorepati Mohita Sharma Gets Lucky Again, Reason Can Make You Laugh

Check out this episode’s most tough questions:

Q. Which of these is the name of a traditional game played between two teams?

A. Chor-Sipahi

Q. Which of these cities is noted for their ‘paan’?

A. Varanasi

Q. Which of these shapes can be ‘samdvibahu’ or isosceles? 

A. Triangle

Q.  In medicine, which of these words does not form the acronym of AIDS?

A. Disease

Q. Who wrote the couplet, “Raghukul reet sadaa chali aayi, pran jaahun baru bachanu na jaayi”?

A. Tulsidas

Q. Who is the only athlete to win medals at two consecutive Olympic games in individual sport?

A. Sushil Kumar

Q. On which radio channel did Hindi movie music countdown show Binaca Geetmala run from 153 to 1988?

A. Radio Ceylon

Rohit Kumar uses the lifeline to flip the question and he chooses the category sports and games.

Q. Who was the first cricketer to take a hat-trick in the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup?

A. Mohammed Shami

Q. The strategic Diffo Bridge, built by the Border Roads Organisation, is located in which state?

A. Arunachal Pradesh 

Q. According to Mahabharata, who killed Duryodhana’s son Lakshmana in battle?

A. Abhimanyu 

Airman Rohit Kumar has quit the show and has won Rs 6,40,000.

Amitabh Bachchan rolls out fastest finger first question to all the contestants.

Rakesh Sharma takes on the hot seat. She was an OSD (Officer on Special Day) with Dr, APJ Abdul Kalam and Pratibha Patil. She was born in Shimla and brought up in New Delhi. She was very athletic during her University days. She was named the best sprinter and used to play for the Delhi State Hockey. Once, she was given admission in a boy’s school because of her name. However, she ended up being the only girl around that school. She was inspiring to become a hockey player and a coach but couldn’t fulfil her dream because of her father’s demise.

Q. Which of these kinship terms complete the name of the 90’s Doordarshan serial ‘Dekh_____Dekh?

A. Bhai

Q. Which of these yogasanas is also called the Kamalasana?

A. Padmasana

Q. Which of these fragment flowers blooms at night?

A. Rajnigandha 

Q. What does the letter ‘K’ stand for KVP issued by post offices in India?

A. Kisan 

Q. This song is picturised on which actress alongside Dev Anand?

A. Nutan 

Before they could proceed further, the buzzer sounds for the episode to end.

Rakesh will be the roll-over contestant for tomorrow’s episode. Watch this space for more updates!