Megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan begins tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 11  with rollover contestant Mohammad Yunus Dar. Yunus will begin with the quiz with today’s episode. He is a teacher at a government school in Anantnag, Kashmir. He teaches Mathematics and wants to work towards building a quality educational school in his region. He is good with calculations and at remembering important dates from History. His classmates used to call him a calculator because he once calculated the score of his school cricket match. He often goes on trecking with his close friends. Also Read - KBC 11 September 17 Episode Highlights: Rani Patel Loses on Ayurveda Question, Mohd. Yunus From J&K Graces Hot Seat

Check out the toughest questions from today’s episode:

Q. Which of these fruits have the most number of seeds? Also Read - KBC 11: Lady Cook Babita Tade, Who Earns Rs 1,500 Per Month, Becomes The Second Crorepati - Watch

A. Promegranade Also Read - KBC 11 September 16 Episode Highlights: Arti Kumari Graces Hot seat, Talks About Suffering From Breast Cancer

Q.Who is “Tapu Ke Papa” in the popular TV series  “Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma”?

A. Jetha Lal

Q. With respect to Economics, what is the full of form of GDP?

A. Gross Domestic Product

Q. If a class has a total of 40 students and there are 8 children seated in one row, how many rows are there in the class?

A. 5

Q. With reference to computers, which of these companies does not make anti-virus software?

A. Adobe 

Yunus flips the question and chooses the category ‘Heritage And History’.

Q. According to legend, who among these was the beloved of Prince Salim?

A. Anarkali

Q. India is not a member of which of these international organisations?

A. G7

Q. Deposits of which substance in and around the joints of limbs causes gout?

A. Uric Acid 

Q. How many consecutive terms did the person seen in this photograph serve as chief minister?

A. 3 

Amitabh asks him about his city Anantnag. Yunus talks about its culture and food. cricket is among his favourite sports and he got nice exposure to the sport when he was in the ‘Kendriya Vidyalaya’ where because of his fast bowling talent, he was made the captain of cricket team at the regional level.

Q. Which of these cricketers has never played a Test match for India?

A. Ambati Rayudu

Q. What was Sufi saint Abd-ul-Razak, reportedly a teacher of Mughal prince Dara Shikoh, popularly known as?

A. Sheikh Chilli

Yunus uses his lifeline ‘Ask the expert’. He goes with the expert.

Q. Where would you find a crater namedMitra, name after Indian physicist Sisir Kumar Mitra?

A. The Moon 

Yunus uses his last lifeline 50-50 and two options are B) Siberia and D) The Moon.

Q. Where is the Regimental Centre of the Dogra Regiment located?

A. Faizabad

Yunus quits the show and takes home Rs 12,50,000.

Amitabh rolls out fastest finger first questions to all the contestants. The question is “Starting with the first to get married, arrange these crickets in the correct order?” The second crorepati of the season, Babita Tade takes on the hot seat.

Babita is a cook at the ‘Panchafulabi Harne Vidyalaya and Junior College’ in Anjangaon Surji. She is well known for the ‘khichdi’ she has been making for the past 17 years for the students. Although she got married at an early age while pursuing her B.A., her husband has always been supportive of her and works as a peon in the same school. She takes at least 2 hours to prepare khichdi, which makes it exceptional as she uses different ingredients every day. At times, her husband also helps her to serve the students. She earns only Rs 1,500 per month for feeding 400 children twice every day. Babita begins the quiz and it will be interesting to see her win Rs 1 crore.

Q. What do bees make from collecting the nectar of flowers?

A. Honey

Q. The name of which is missing from the Hindi film title “_____: The Surgical Strike”? 

A. Uri

Q. How many years add up to a “Shatabdi”?

A. 100

Q. Which of these is a commonly used ingredient in the preparation of the snack shown in this image?

A. Chawal ka atta

Babita Tade becomes the roll-over contestant for the next episode and will be winning Rs 1 Crore in tomorrow’s episode. It will be interesting to watch if she wins Rs 7 crore.

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