KBC 12  October 7, 2020 Highlights: Tonight’s episode begins with Amitabh Bachchan welcomes viewers with a heartfelt speech. He then rolls out the fastest finger first question and Komal Tukadiya takes on the hot seat and breaks down into tears. Big B then plays a video made on her where she reveals that she got engaged at the age of 13 but has been pressurised to get married.Also Read - KBC 13: Meet Second Crorepati, Sahil Aditya Ahirwar, a Security Guard’s Son Who Aspires to be IAS Officer

Check Out Questions From Tonight’s Show:

Q. ‘Muh mitha karna’ is an expression of which emotion? Also Read - KBC 13 Gets Its Second Crorepati, Amitabh Bachchan Exclaims 'Ek Crore' in His Trademark Style

A. Happiness Also Read - "Begum Gayiin"! Farrukh Jaffar of Gulabo Sitabo Fame Passes Away at 88

Q. Which of these apps released by the Indian government gives out information regarding coronavirus to increase awareness among the citizens?

A. Arogya Setu

Q. Which of these is a Hindi serial about a Gujarati family that shares its name with a dish made of rice and lentils?

A. Khichdi

Q. Which of these is a non-renewable source of energy?

A. Natural Gas

Q. The girl in this picture is wearing a dress traditional to which state or union territory?

A. Jammu & Kashmir

Q. According to ancient Hindu scriptures, by which of the following names was Sita not known?

A. Sunayana

Q. In which film did this song feature?

A. Commando 3

Q. Which novel by Dharamvir Bharati about a young student, Chander, who falls in love with Sudha, the daughter of his college professor?

A. Gunaaho Ka Devta

Q. Kamala Harris is the first politician of Indian descent to be a nominated candidate for vice-present of which country?

A. United States 

Q. Malala Yousufzai, the youngest Nobel peace prize winner, has graduated from which of these universities?

A. Oxford University

Q.Which cricketer can be heard narrating this incident in this audio clip?

A. Yuvraj Singh

Q. At an event during which movement during the freedom struggle did Aruna Asaf Ali hoist the Indian independence flag at Gowalia Tank Maidan in Bombay?

A. Quit India Movement

Q. What kind of thermometer is used to measure temperatures in the Arctic region?

A. Alcohol

Q. During the Kargil War 1999, what was the codename of the operation run by the Indian Navy?

A. Operation Talwar

Komal quits the show and takes home Rs 12,50,000.

Kumar Krishna Mohan takes up the hot seat. He is a multimedia artist. For him, KBC is a stage through which he can achieve his dreams.

Q. What is the 2019 Hindi comedy film ‘Ujda Chaman’ about?

A. A balding bachelor

Q. Which of these is used in the idiom “___________ mein Sagar, means to convey something meaningful by using a few words?

A. Gagar

Q. Which of the following is a 2-dimensional shape?

A. Rhombus

Kumar Krishna Mohan gives an incorrect answer and goes home empty-handed.

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