Tonight’s episode of KBC 12 begins with host Amitabh Bachchan welcoming the audience and begins with the game with Dr Shruti Singh.Also Read - Amitabh Bachchan's Staff Member Gets COVID-19, Actor Calls it 'Domestic COVID Situation'

Here Are The Toughest Questions From Tonight’s Episode:

Q. Jannayak sthal, located near the Yamuna river in Delhi, is the samadhi sthal of which prime minister of India? Also Read - Movies to Watch Out For in 2022: From Alia-Ranbir's Brahmastra to Katrina's Merry Christmas

A. Chandra Shekhar Also Read - Sourav Ganguly Health Update: How Are You Sourav? From Mamata Banerjee, Amitabh Bachchan to Narendra Modi, People Who Called To Know His Health

Q. Who was the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in wrestling at the Asian Games?

A. Vinesh Phogat

Shruti Singh quits the show and takes home Rs 12,50,000. Big B rolls out the fastest-finger first question and Chandraswar Satenker takes on the hot seat. He is an engineer who is chasing his dream of becoming a DSP. He had a love marriage against the wishes of his family.

Q. Which of these words is used to denote a person who is self-reliant?

A. Aatmanirbhar

Q. What is made by curdling milk with fruit or vegetable-derived acid such as lemon juice?

A. Paneer

Q. Which of these sportsmen is a football legend?

A. Diego Maradona

Q. Which of these devices convert chemical energy to electrical energy?

A. Battery

Q. Which state’s chief minister can be seen in this image?

A. Odisha

Q. Which of these cities has both an IIM and an IIT?

A. Indore

Q. Identify the actor from this audio clip?

A. Irrfan Khan

Q. According to Hindu belief, which of these birds is the mount of Kamadeva?

A. Parrot

Q. I am the inventor of dynamite and have one of the most prestigious prizes in the world named after me. Who am I?

A. Alfred Nobel

Q. In which of these IPL team logos does the image of a lion not appear?

A. Mumbai Indians

Q. Which river originates in the hills of Silhawa in Dhamtari district in Chhattisgarh?

A. Mahandi

Chandraswar quits the game and takes home Rs 1,60,000. Big B rolls another fastest finger first question. Gautam Kumar takes on the hot seat.

Q. Which of the following is not a type of dal?

A. Dalda

Q. What instruction does this road sign give?

A. No Left Turn

Q. Which of these best describes cricketers Sanju Samson, Rishabh Pant and Wriddhiman Saha?

A. Wicketkeeper-Batsman

Q. Chirag Paswan became the national president of which of these parties in November 2019?

A. Lok Janshakti Party

Q. What kind of aircraft is a Rafale?

A. Fighter Jet

Q. The head office of which of these officials is a ‘Samaharnalay’?

A. District Collector

Q. Who was the grandfather of Mughal emperor Shahjahan?

A. Akbar

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