Kaun Banega Crorepati 13’s First Crorepati Himani Bundela’s Exclusive Interview: Kaun Banega Crorepati 13’s first crorepati Himani Bundela, who is visually impaired, came to the game show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan with a strong thought ‘Jeetungi Ya Shikungi, Khone Ka Kuch Hai Nahi Yaha Par’ (I won’t lose anything from here, I’ll play or I’ll learn). She was definitely nervous and in tension with KBC 13‘s Fastest-Fingers-First triple test and had no idea she would go this further. In an exclusive interview with india.com, when asked what Himani feels now after she has become crorepati. “There are no words to describe, what I am feeling right now. My family and relatives, even my neighbours are so excited to see me winning. They have treated me well and pampered me so well. I just can’t believe mera itna sara fan following ho jaiga (I couldn’t believe there is so much fan following now). People from different places in UP are coming to my area just to see me. Log bus hi bolne aate hai itni door (People just want me to say hi)”, she revealed.Also Read - KBC 13: When Jackie Shroff Was Stopped by Abhishek And Shweta as he Went to Take Amitabh Bachchan's Autograph

KBC 13’s First Crorepati Himani Bundela on Getting Fame And Attention | Exclusive Interview (Pic created by Gaurav Gautam)

KBC 13’s First Crorepati Himani Bundela on Getting Fame And Attention | Exclusive Interview (Pic by Sony TV)

Himani Bundela wanted her parents to get popular, revealed the endless attention and fame she is getting after coming to KBC 13

Asking about the fame she is getting, Himani said, “Sach mein bataun toh aaj bhi mujhe ek sapna lagta hai (It still feels like a dream). I just wanted my parents, who have struggled a lot, to get famous one day, unka ek baar interview ho jaye (they get interviewed) and that also happened recently. I am so lucky that I have made my parents proud. As soon as my friends and relatives saw the first KBC 13 promo of me, they got excited and ghar se bahar nikalna toh mushkil hogaya tha. Sab bolte hain ek photo-ek photo, dekho Himani aa rahi hai (It has become difficult to get out of the house as everyone asks for photos)”. Also Read - KBC 13: Can You Answer This Rs 1 Crore Question That Pranshu Tripathi Couldn’t Answer?

“Not only Agra, but the whole Bundelkhand is welcoming me. This is actually so great and I just can’t believe it just happened”, Bundela said. Also Read - KBC 13 to Get Its Second Crorepati? Watch Contestant Pranshu Tripathi Answering Rs 1 Crore Question

Himani Bundela and her family poses with Amitabh Bachchan (PC: Twitter)

Himani Bundela and her family poses with Amitabh Bachchan (PC: Twitter)

While asking about her experience playing with Amitabh Bachchan, she said, “Itna zyada positivity (he is a positive person), what should I say, he made me feel confident. Mere liye sab kuch naya tha (It was new to me), as he held my hand and took me to the hot seat. Ek insaan hota hai jo sapna dekhta hai KBC mein jaane ka, lekin kabhi aisa sapna nahi dekha sir mera haath pakad ke mujhe leke jare hai or fir mujhe paani bhi pilare hain (A person dreams to enter in KBC, but I never thought Bachchan sir would ever hold my hand and even offer me a glass of water). This was so special, I mean this was a big surprise for me. I can never forget those happy times. The happiest moment is when my father tells everyone about me”.

The first thought that came to mind, when Amitabh Bachchan announced Rs 1 crore!

Himani expressed, “It was just unbelievable! The glow and smile I had on my face can be seen on the TV screen. When Bachchan sir asked 7 crore question tab dil mein dhak dhak bahot zyda ho raha tha (my heart was beating very fast at that point of time). Itna bada risk lene wali thi mein, and I was actually very nervous.”

Sharing her dreams with us, Himani said she wants to become the head of the department (HOD) of the Handicap division.