KGF 2: How Yash Promoted Toxic Masculinity in KGF 1 And What Sanjay Dutt’s Film Should Not Repeat

KGF 2: Right from glorifying smoking to harassing a woman - Yash did not set a good example in KGF 1 and that's something we don't like the superstar to repeat in the big sequel KGF Chapter 2.

Published: January 17, 2021 9:07 AM IST

By Entertainment Desk | Edited by Vineeta Kumar

KGF 2 Likely To Release on This Date But Conditions Apply?
KGF 2 Likely To Release on This Date But Conditions Apply?

KGF 2 is one of the most anticipated movies of the year 2021. Starring Yash and Sanjay Dutt in the lead, it’s considered as the epic sequel capable of setting new benchmarks at the Box Office. However, there’s still something about the whole series that seems to be glamourising toxic masculinity. What is even more troublesome is that it’s how everyone’s favourite – rocking star Yash – behaves in the movie as Rocky Bhai – that contributes big to the entire culture of encouraging sexism and misogyny in films. And that’s exactly what we don’t want his character to repeat in the sequel to the super successful KGF Chapter 1.

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The makers of KGF 2 have already been sent a legal notice for not taking care of featuring a basic anti-smoking statutory warning in a scene that shows Yash lighting up a cigarette from a flaming gun. As ‘cool’ as the scene looks in the teaser, it indeed glorifies consumption of tobacco and impacts the psyche of thousands of fans who are crazy after Yash’s macho antics in the film.

Another thing that we don’t want Rocky to be doing is appearing overtly brazen in front of the woman he likes. He falls in love with Reena, played by Srinidhi Shetty, and exerts himself on her. She asks him to stay away from her and yet he goes on to stalk her and even lands up molesting her. Rocky bashes up some men who have been appointed to protect Reena and that is supposed to set an example of how much he loves her. But, that’s exactly what should not be considered heroic about any film. Stalking a woman, intimidating her with your muscle power, and behaving like you are a superhero should not be mistaken for love. It’s a crime, harassment and behaviour no ‘hero’ should be glorifying on-screen.

It’s high time the ‘rocking’ star understands the power of his stardom and the many ways he can influence the masses. KGF 2 is sure to set the cash register ringing at the Box Office but what example would it be setting if it lands up making the same mistake from KGF 1? Your thoughts?

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Published Date: January 17, 2021 9:07 AM IST